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Service Industries

Bring your business to Hastings – Service Industries


Hastings is a great location for office based service industries and already has an established base.

If your business is in the service industries sector and you’re thinking of expanding, setting up or looking for a regional base  then Hastings is a perfect place to consider.

The town is a central hub for business administration, financial services, sales, customer service, marketing, law, accountancy and other service industries and professions provides the area with a multitude of high quality and in demand services to local, national and international businesses and consumers.

Hastings has always had an abundance of professional, skilled office workers due in part to the many public sector operations  in the area including Hastings Borough Council and the regional offices of both the CSA and the Inland Revenue.

The area is also strong within the private sector and is home to the Hastings Direct head office in Collington (which is just outside Bexhill on sea) and the recent arrival of SAGA who have invested considerably in the area with the direct purchase of a new purpose built office block in the Priory Quarter development in Hastings town centre.  Both companies have been vital in providing career opportunities for hundreds of people in and outside the area.

Why come

Creative Media Centre Hastings

Modern office space is available in Hastings. Perfect for any service industry.

Hastings is very proud of its history and is always planning for its future. The town and region as a whole is building on the

traditional core industries, such as manufacturing and tourism which has always thrived in the area. However, a mixed economy is a stable economy and ensures that the local population have opportunities and businesses have a continuously evolving and skilled workforce.

This stability, along  with the low cost of living for employees and the lower business costs both in fixed overheads and staffing costs,  is attracting businesses to come to Hastings and the Rother area. To get an idea of the types of businesses here please visit our business directory.

Transport infrastructure

Being in the South East makes Hastings a strategic place to locate your business for many reasons. The first is that its within easy reach of major hubs such as Brighton & Hove (35 miles), London (62 miles) and the gateways to Europe such as Ashford for the Eurostar along with Newhaven and Dover for cross channel access to the continent. The area is also receiving investment in its infrastructure with a new link road. You can find out more about the regions transport links here.

Location, location, location


Great beaches, way of life and low property prices attract skilled workers here every year.

Hastings enjoys some of the lowest property prices in the South East with average property prices falling far short of neighbouring towns and cities and has attracted highly skilled and professional people to come and live here. The lower cost of living has been vital for businesses in the area as it means that staffing costs are lower then elsewhere and lower overhead costs makes any business far more profitable.

Quality of life is an important factor in business as a happy workforce is always a more productive one. Hastings also has fantastic restaurants, hotels and bars providing a great place to entertain important visitors and hold business meetings. The area is also in the process of being connected up to high speed broadband with full roll-out expected to be in place by the middle of 2014 with speeds of up to 100mb/s.

Current Developments

The demand from business of all shapes and sizes has spurred the continuous development of new office stock with many purpose built locations such as the Innovation Centre and the Creative Media Centre virtually full to capacity. This has driven the development of more modern, purpose built office space to keep up with the demands from the business community both for managed and non managed space. The final phase of the Priory Quarter development in Hastings town centre along with the North Bexhill development are scheduled for completion between 2014/16 are testament is to the desire and demand for business in the service sector. You can find out about the office stock currently available on our property porfolio here.

Education, training and skills

BrightonUni hastings

Brighton Universities Hastings Campus

The local academies, colleges and university campuses are also working with businesses to make sure that the pupils and students are prepared and able to provide significant value to business in the area and be part of their continued growth. Businesses in turn are also doing their part by providing placements, work experience and advice, making sure that the skills that are learnt can also be applied to the workplace. To find out about the work that the schools, colleges and universities are doing with local businesses please visit our education section.

Overall you’ll find Hastings a great place to have a business with lots of support and advice available along with a skilled, keen and able local workforce who will make sure that your business starts quickly and runs efficiently.