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Hastings is a centre for high tech manufacturing and industry

Hastings is a centre for high tech manufacturing and industry

Manufacturing and Industry in Hastings

Hastings is a major location in the South East for manufacturing and industry,  particularly in High Technology sectors. Hastings employs more people in this sector by percentage of population than any other major town or city in Sussex (10.4%). This provides existing and new companies with a highly skilled, flexible and experienced workforce which is one of the main reasons why Hastings is a  viable business location to be based operationally.

Dedicated industrial estates

The manufacturing industries have benefited from being on purpose built Industrial Estates in Hastings which are strategically located near main roads both into and out of the area so goods and services can reach customers as quickly as possible. See our transport page for more information.

The dedicated zones for manufacturing and industry are within easy reach for workers and visitors to get to with main road access. The main industrial estates in Hastings and St. Leonards are CastlehamConqueror and Churchfields. There is also a smaller industrial zone  at Ivy House Lane and similar sized sites and zones in Bexhill on sea, Rye and Battle.


Hastings has played a role in the Eurofighters developement

A new zone is currently being developed in North Queensway, Hastings. This will provide additional space for the growing number of businesses who are expanding in the area and for new manufacturers who are looking to move to the area.

North Queensway will be capable of accommodating up to 120,000 sq ft of premises and will provide an opportunity for businesses to build properties to their own specifications and needs.

An additional business zone is currently under construction at North East Bexhill which will provide 500,000 square feet of high quality business space including a substantial Business Centre facility.

This development will be on the new Bexhill link road that is scheduled for completion by 2017.

Hastings has always attracted a good mix of major corporate manufacturers,  specialist workshops, research and support industries to a variety of sectors such as:



  • Plastics & Injection Moulding
  • Automotive parts manufacturing & repair
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical control systems, conduits and wiring
  • Precision machine tooling and customised parts
  • Construction materials
  • Defence
  • Scientific instruments
  • Recycling
  • Research & development
  • Ultra High Vacuum/Vacuum & Photonics

Dedicated Support and networks

Companies within manufacturing and industry in the area have established a Manufacturing  Group to support the sector and to drive business opportunities including an annual Vacuum and Photonics Conference to support the strong cluster of businesses that operate locally.

Manufacturers have also formed a strong working relationship with Sussex Coast College, Manufacturing Advisory Service and UKTI to develop high level training programmes, apprenticeships and a bespoke Vacuum Technology training programme.