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Moving to Hastings

Moving to Hastings – The South coast’s hidden gem


hastings in figures

Hastings in figures. Click on the image to enlarge.

Hastings has benefited from over £400 million in direct investment in the last decade and has re-emerged quite aggressively in the last 20 years from an almost lost seaside town into a vibrant, innovative and forward thinking manufacturing and creative base for businesses across all sectors and still is a unique and welcoming town that attracts tourists and shoppers, both locally and from across the wider region. Hastings is no longer just a historic seaside town, its a great location for businesses of all sectors and sizes to have a main or subsidiary office or manufacturing base in a strategic location at a significantly lower cost.

The town is being highly targeted by investors as the next place to live and work as Hastings has a fantastic mix of great businesses, second to none cultural events mixed with a bohemian style old town quarter and house prices you will have to see to believe! There are very few places at this level of affordability across the South East where you could find such a wonderful mix of coast and rolling countryside steeped in the historical magic of the area.

Skilled workforce

Hastings and the greater Rother district area have a flexible and highly educated workforce who are hard working and thanks to the considerably lower cost of living the area enjoys, businesses in the area get far more value per employee than any other town or city in the south-east.

The average household income in Hastings is an average £451 per week which is one of the lowest in the region too. This is due to the lower cost of living compared to other parts of East Sussex. Overall it’s a great place to live as well which gives businesses a enthusiastic labour pool to choose from.

Education & training

The town’s newly established 21st century colleges and universities work in partnership with local businesses to provide them with graduates and college leavers who have the right skills and knowledge to be an asset to businesses in the area.

Hastings enjoys a well established arts and culture scene which has attracted a number of creative businesses to the area who are mostly situated in the purpose built Creative Media Centre in the town centre and the Innovation Centre, both of which are full to capacity.

Current developments

The redevelopment of Hastings has rapidly changed the way the town looks, feels and works and has given businesses the confidence to set up here. The recent addition of Saga’s new contact centre for example in the new Priory Quarter development in the heart of the town centre has provided over 800 new jobs for local residents.

Phase two of the Priory Quarter development will commence towards the end of 2013 and when completed it will provide a much needed additional 37,000 sq ft of office and retail space in the town centre.

Future Developments

There are additional developments currently being constructed. The first is a 120,000 sq ft development in North Queensway at the north of the town which will provide office and creative space over a 13 acre site which is adjacent to the modern Sussex Exchange purpose built Conference Centre and amazing restaurant.

The second is the North Bexhill Business Park which will be completed in 2015 in preparation of the new Hastings to Bexhill link road opening in 2016-17.

Once the new link road is open it will significantly reduce travel time for commuters and reduce the pressure on the existing transport infrastructure.

Hastings pier is also being restored and will be turned in to a modern and attractive attraction for both locals and tourists, this is estimated to open in December 2014.

A bright future

Overall Hastings has reinvented itself over the last few years, keeping the best parts of why Hastings is traditionally famous and at the same time encouraging and nurturing new and innovative businesses to be a part of the future.

Your business can be part of this continuing story and grow with the town as it becomes a strategic and hugely important business location and remember this will not stay a secret forever.