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In September 2016 the world renowned light artist Chris Levine came to Hastings to put on a spectacular laser show for the ROOT 1066 International Festival.

Hastings company Beaming went behind the scenes of Chris’s iy_Project show to discover how the installation was put together and what it was seeking to achieve.

Check out the video here

What have McPhersons ever done for us? was filmed as a trailer for the 2016 Sunset Screenings at the De La Warr Pavilion. This is the second year McPhersons have been the main sponsor for the screenings and directors and staff enjoyed filming this trailer based on the Monty Python Romans Scene ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’

Check out the video here



Check out the video to have a look at this years successful Jobs Fair.

Hastings Business Operations Ltd’s new Sovereign Harbour Innovation Park gets showcased by Smokescreen Visuals who recently moved in to the building. The building itself is nearly identical to the new Bexhill Enterprise park which many of you may have seen if you’ve driven down the new Bexhill Bypass. Now you can see what it looks like from the outside from all angles. Enjoy!

The De La Warr Pavilion will once again be running the sunset screenings through the summer of 2015, in association with McPhersons. These free to attend screenings will showcase some of the classics such as E.T, Bugsy Malone and Indiana Jones and make a great night out. Starting on July 18th and going through to 29th August, the events are open to everyone.

The events will be even more special this year due to the De La Warr celebrating its 80th Anniversary. McPhersons also have a surprise up their sleeve for those attending. The directors have been busy on set filming their latest video which will be shown as a trailer before each film. There’s no prize for guessing which movie inspired them!

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Here’s a video of Hastings that you have got to see. The title is ‘Hastings. Quite a small town really …’ and it simply looks amazing.

What makes this video of Hastings different is that it has a look of a model village about it. Everything has a miniature and animated look to it and it really shows the town at its best with thousands of visitors seen enjoying themselves on a hot summers day.

According to the comments from the creator of the video Tony Fox , the technique and style used to make the video is called Tilt Shift and it we’re sure you’ll agree looks absolutely amazing. It also  has a great retro feel about it especially with old film effect and we think it will definitely evoke happy memories of sunny seaside visits to the town by visitors from outside the town and everyone in it.


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Everyone suffers from writers or mental block where no matter how hard you try you just can’t put pen to paper or get that idea across visually and even more so as its just after the long Easter Break. So how do you deal with it? Check out the video above to see how you can stay creative.


Here’s a trip down memory lane or if you moved here recently this is how Hastings and St. Leonards on sea was in the 1980’s. As you can see in this raw footage a great deal has changed over the years such as Priory Meadow shopping centre being where the cricket ground in the footage was. Its over an hour and a half long so you may want to skip through it but its a sure sign of the progress the area has made. From what we can see it is the only footage available on-line so might one day be if historic importance to the town and area so enjoy this retrospective of Hastings in the 80’s.

The video has been uploaded by YouTube member Mark Bartlett

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The FSB East Sussex have launched a new video to inform people about why they should support their local businesses.