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CEX is opening soon in Hastings Priory Meadow.cex logo

CEX buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products.

If you are currently looking for work they are recruiting mainly for sales assistants, full or part time.  There is also a supervisor position available.  All applicants are welcome just email your CV to cexhastings@gmail.com.

The new store will be located in Priory Meadow shopping centre opposite H&M.

Hastings Pier has finally reopened up to the public following a £14.2 million restoration project, after the structure was gutted by a fire in October 2010.

Yesterday saw the pier open its gates and let the public have a look at what the newest addition to Hastings has to offer.

The pier will open initially with a full service bar and restaurant in the newly renovated pavilion building plus a traditional funfair.
The café and roof terrace in the new The Deck at Hastings Pier building will open over the next few days.

Check out our gallery of photo’s that we took on its opening day. (To view full size click on the images)




In October 2015 Helen Dawes and her daughter Rhianna decided to get busy and create their website The Very Distinguished Pug Company.

The idea for this happened after Helen decided to make a smart outfit for her pug Alfie for a pug meet up that they were going to.  Being a fan of the popular TV program Downtown Abbey this was the look that Helen went for.

When friends of Helens saw the photo’s, they asked her to make one for theirs and from there Helen decided to make up a Facebook and Instagram page to post photo’s of her friends dogs wearing the harness.  This has created a number of followers from all over the world and what gave Helen and Rhianna the idea to start up the Very Distinguished Pug Company.  Rhianna  who has a degree in media and journalism created the website and also looks after all the social media, marketing and PR.

Since the website has been made Helen has made harnesses, bow ties, bandanna’s collars and leads for pug owners in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Helen had to give up work due to a chronic pain condition and auto immune disorder that causes chronic fatigue. She used to work with children and young people with special needs and challenging behaviour. She was also in the previously in the Army and is a keen motorcyclist, and a marshal  at the Isle of Man TT, Moto Gp and British Superbikes, she likes to keep herself busy and hopes to expand by creating more designs and different items.

Check out these handmade outfits by Helen.


Online retail giant Amazon has joined forces with supermarket chain Morrisons.  The company has secured a supply contract with the grocer, which will see it offering a number of Morrisons products through its food delivery service Amazon Pantry and its subscriber service Amazon Prime Now. Food

Amazon Pantry was launched in the UK last year, escalating competition with the big four supermarkets, but did not offer fresh food.

Under the new deal, Morrisons will supply fresh, frozen and non-perishable goods to Amazon customers.

Under the wholesale supply agreement unveiled on Monday, Morrisons said a number of its products will be available to Amazon Pantry and Amazon Prime customers, who pay an annual subscription fee.

In addition to the announcement Morrisons has agreed with Ocado to expand Morrisons.com and an “agreement in principle” has been met.


Aldi is to hire 5,000 more staff in the UK alone this year and has announced plans to open 80 new stores.

After this expansion, the discount supermarket will have 700 stores and more than 32,000 employees in the UK.

The discounter is the UK’s sixth-biggest supermarket, owning 5.6% of the market share in the 12 months to January, according to analysts at Kantar Worldpanel. As well as this, the company has doubled its market share in the last three years.

Due to the discounted supermarkets being such a success, the big four supermarkets were pushed into a price war.

Jobs available include managers, stock assistants and store staff. Aldi also now owns more of the market share than Waitrose and Lidl.

Tesco shares rose by 1% on Monday, and Sainsbury’s and Morrisons both added more than 3%.

The supermarket chain Morrisons was the first the cut diesel prices to below £1 a litre on Sunday and the other three big supermarkets also dropped prices on Monday.

Petrol, which is usually cheaper than diesel, was reduced below £1 a litre in the weeks before Christmas and these cuts show the further falls in the price of oil. Asda currently has 277 filling stations and said that it was the first supermarket to cut the price of petrol to below £1 a litre in November. Morrisons also stated this.

The price of oil is at its lowest for 11 years and Morrisons’ cuts were its cheapest since 2009. UK Brent crude oil is trading at just below $38, which is £26 per barrel. This means it lost 35% over the year.

About 75% of the price of UK fuel goes to the Treasury in duty and VAT and the remainder goes on refinery costs, distribution and the fuel retailers’ profit margins.

According to the motorists’ organisation, the forecourt price should have been cut earlier seeing as the wholesale price of diesel has been 2p lower than the wholesale price of petrol. This started a couple of weeks before Christmas and the organisation stated that more miles were driven in the UK on diesel than petrol.

Sainsbury’s is charging slightly more at 99.9p per litre whereas Morrisons, Asda and Tesco are charging 99.7p.

Sussex is on the map for delivering great customer service. Paul and Louise Matthews, the Regional Directors for Shopper Anonymous Sussex, have been recognised for working with Sussex businesses at the National Shopper Anonymous Awards Dinner, which was held in Liverpool in early December.

Shopper Anonymous works with more than 900 independent UK businesses, from legal firms to farm shops to opticians, to help them improve their customer service and their sales and profitability.

Jonathan Winchester, Chief Executive, said: “Paul and Louise began their journey with Shopper Anonymous in January and have, over just a 10-month period, developed it into an extraordinary business.  Gaining a silver award out of 18 Regional Directors was a fantastic achievement. I am delighted for all the Sussex businesses that gain so much value from the services Paul and Louise offer.”

With almost 100 Sussex clients engaged with the mystery shopping, customer feedback and training programmes, Shopper Anonymous Sussex has offered more than 1000 Sussex staff members the opportunity to receive feedback and development on the service standards they personally offer.

“This process has not only seen individuals grow with confidence but it has also made a significant difference to each business’ bottom line, as they retain and delight their customers,” said Paul.

Working with local firms such as Jempsons, Barraclough and Stiles, Fuzion4, Birchwood Motor Group, The Sovereign Centre and Motcombe Pool to name a few, Paul is finding that many local businesses are genuinely keen to raise their standards as far as customer service goes, as they are recognising that customers expect loyalty, respect and quality in their relationship.

“We have big plans for Sussex in 2016, including developing our world class mystery shopper team from 50 to 120 members as we engage with more clients,” said Louise.

If you want to learn more about the services Paul and Louise offer to improve your customer service, or to join their team, please click here.

Small Business Saturday is the biggest day of the year for small business.  It is a grass-roots campaign that encourages people to support small businesses in their communities, both on the Saturday itself and beyond.

The campaign also aims to support, inspire and promote small business all year round.

The initiative started in the US in 2010 and has generated a lot of custom for small businesses.  The campaign is now in its third year in the UK.

Local shops, restaurants and bars across the country are participating in the event that aims to lure people away from the big chains to do more of their Christmas shopping nearer home,

Businesses can register their support for the day in advance on the Small Business Saturday website.

Year 9 students at St Leonards Academy have been given a helping hand with having to decide what GCSE’s to take next year.  Designer “K” Avery-Stallion of St Leonards Accessories paid a visit to the school to give a careers presentation to the year 9 students.

“K” talked to the students about her route into setting up her own business after years of designing for fashion retailers.

The Academy’s Head of Art and Design Debbie Holroyd  and “K” decided to get their heads together and created a 1 day workshop for a select group of students so the group could learn how to design a bag.  This was started by defining a “target audience/core customer” followed by sketching and concept drawing and developing ideas in paper and card

By the afternoon the students started to construct their own designs in card and their 3D mosquettes came to life.

It was an exciting, challenging and inspiring day for everyone and just proved how relevant supporting the arts and design courses is to the future of British and European fashion manufacturing. Maths and calculation was part of their pattern making and construction of their patterns as well as a wealth of creative ideas and out of a class of 17 students, at least 6 showed considerable flair and aptitude for further education and development in Art and Design in the future. One of them might end up designing bags for you in 10 years time!

If you’d like “K” to come and share her design knowledge with any other groups in the new year, please do get in touch via stleonardsonline.com  and if you’re an adult interested in learning a new skill then why not come to the home studio and book a 1 Day Workshop  and learn how to make a leather bag, wallet or purse!


Morrisons is at risk of falling out of the FTSE 100 due to a severe drop in its share price and concerning recovery plans.

The supermarket chain has been in the list for more than 14 years but as sales have fallen its share price has reduced by 17% this year.

In the last quarterly reshuffles in June and September, Morrisons missed demotion and the final decision will be made by the London Stock Exchange. This will be decided on Wednesday based upon the closing price of the day before.

The new chief executive David Potts has been attempting to make sure the company’s fortune is not all lost but the supermarket has been under pressure through a tough trading period.

Morrisons announced a 2.6% drop in sales last month for the three months to November, which meant that there was a further fall in share price.

The supermarket also faced its worst result in eight years back in March when there was a 52% drop in annual profits to £345 million.

It is no surprise that Morrisons is struggling considering the current state of the sector due to price wars with the big four supermarkets because of the rise of the discounters.

Morrisons has had to make several losses and this included selling 140 “M” local convenience stores that did not make any profit as a result of needing to focus on the larger stores.