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Online retail giant Amazon has joined forces with supermarket chain Morrisons.  The company has secured a supply contract with the grocer, which will see it offering a number of Morrisons products through its food delivery service Amazon Pantry and its subscriber service Amazon Prime Now. Food

Amazon Pantry was launched in the UK last year, escalating competition with the big four supermarkets, but did not offer fresh food.

Under the new deal, Morrisons will supply fresh, frozen and non-perishable goods to Amazon customers.

Under the wholesale supply agreement unveiled on Monday, Morrisons said a number of its products will be available to Amazon Pantry and Amazon Prime customers, who pay an annual subscription fee.

In addition to the announcement Morrisons has agreed with Ocado to expand Morrisons.com and an “agreement in principle” has been met.


Local business mentor and business author Richard Eaton has released a revised edition to his previous book titled, Getting Ready To Start A Business.

The revised and updated edition also has a new title: Owning a Business: Things you need to Know and covers all the things that budding entrepreneurs need to know when considering or setting up a business.

So if you are in this position and want to learn more and get insight before you go ahead (or even brush up on a few things if you’re already in business) then it should be worth a read.

The book is available for digital download on Amazon right now and here’s the link to the books listing.