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havelock place hastingsCompanies can now get top quality new offices in East Sussex on ultra-flexible terms in a pioneering move to address the Brexit market.

As part of the economic development programme for the area, Sea Change Sussex has introduced a three-month notice period in its leases which, innovatively, can be served by occupiers at any time. This is designed to provide an exceptional degree of flexibility for companies facing unknown market conditions as the UK plans its EU withdrawal.

These new terms are available as part of three-year leases for Sea Change’s small and medium offices in:

  • Havelock Place, Hastings: the high-quality development in the Priory Quarter town centre business district, with eligible units from 541 to 1,659 sq ft
  • Pacific House, Eastbourne: the contemporary new business centre in Sovereign Harbour, with units available from 627 sq ft upwards
  • A forthcoming business centre on the Bexhill Enterprise Park, with units from 600 sq ft upwards pre-letting now.

John Shaw, CEO of Sea Change Sussex, says: “Companies are telling us they still want to invest and grow following the EU referendum, but they feel the economic road ahead will be less certain for some time. So we’ve introduced new leases which means they can have the quality of new premises they want along with an extremely high level of flexibility to react to market conditions as they unfold.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about Sea Change’s offices and its new ultra-flexible leases should contact one of the company’s agents:

Or visit:


The first point to emphasise today is that it’s business as usual and trade mark and design owners should not panic – European Union Trade Marks (EUTM) and Registered Community Designs (RCD) remain valid in the UK and there is no immediate loss of IP protection. Once we actually leave to EU, that position will presumably change, but that is probably two years hence. Meanwhile, the many UK companies and traders who have only filed EU Trade Marks should consider filing for a UK Trade Mark; these are inexpensive and quick to register, but don’t delay. We are happy help you with your requirements.

Design registration is slightly more complex, and best discussed. The European Patent Office (EPO) is not an EU institution, so there will be no change there, but presumably the EU Patent, when it comes into being, would be treated as another overseas application.

We do not know when the exit will actually happen but once the UK officially notifies the EU of its intention to leave, the clock starts ticking and the negotiations need to be completed within two years. The two-year period can be extended but only if all the other 27 EU countries agree.

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office will continue to work with the EU Intellectual Property Office; we will no longer be around the table when final decisions are taken, and this will impact on our IP law, but we can assume that co-operation will continue, as it does with other major IP countries. Whilst IP rights are limited to a particular territory, as a profession, our horizons have always been international.

Our professional body, ITMA, will be calling on the UK Government to ensure that UK practitioners remain entitled to represent clients before the European Union Intellectual Property Office, but we will also be setting up an office within the EU to ensure that we are able to do this.

Do seek professional advice on how you take you intellectual properties forward; there are many pitfalls that can easily be avoided with a bit of know-how. Call us on 01424 205448 or 07968 845 426, or email lockharthastings@btconnect.com