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Critical care patients in the Conquest Hospital, Hastings, have access to new tablet computers to help keep them occupied during their recovery thanks to the generosity of town cable management manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex.

The donation of the five Hudl tablets was championed by company Group Personnel Manager Steve Baldry, who was recently cared for in the hospital’s High Dependency Unit following a sudden cardiac arrest. While there he used an old tablet computer to catch up on news, contact friends and watch movies. However, it was not ideal so he wanted future patients to have a better experience and show his thanks to the unit for saving his life.

Pauline Simes Lead Nurse Critical Care said: “These new tablets will provide entertainment and a distraction for patients. Ventilated patients who are unable to talk will be able to communicate with staff by touching a picture or spelling out a word via the touch screen. We are extremely grateful to Steve and Marshall-Tufflex for this marvellous donation and it was wonderful to see Steve looking so well. Thank you.”

Steve is also encouraging everyone to learn CPR, which can more than double the chance of survival for cardiac arrest victims. He said: “There are approximately 60,000 cardiac arrests each year in the UK and only 10% of people survive. Response to a sudden cardiac arrest is a top priority for emergency services and they do all they can to get there as fast as possible. Unfortunately they often arrive to find people standing round, not knowing what to do. My message to everyone is to know how to recognise a cardiac arrest and how to deliver CPR. You may also want to lobby your local sports facilities, work place etc to install an AED (automated external defibrillator); CPR with early defibrillation can triple the chance of survival.

“Early recognition, calling 999 and early bystander CPR with early defibrillation will make a huge difference. I was lucky enough to receive these things and am still here to tell the tale,” added Steve.

Marshall-Tufflex has long been a supporter of the Conquest Hospital, donating equipment worth many thousands of pounds from its charitable trust, which has given some £750,000 to good causes locally and nationally over the last 10 years.


Thoughtful British manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex is starting 2015 as it means to go on with plans to continue supporting local and national charities through staff fundraising efforts and company donations.hospital nurses

The East Sussex cable management and energy management specialist finished 2014 on a high with caring staff raising more than £750 to help local charities over Christmas. Beneficiaries included the Women & Children’s Refuge in Bexhill, The Chestnut Tree Hospice, Surviving Christmas and Demelza House Hospice.

In addition the company, which gives a percentage of dividends to charity each year and has donated almost half a million pounds over the last five years, donated more than £10,000 to two local causes:

  • £8,952 was given to the Critical Care unit at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings. The donation purchased two Nicom monitors which allow non-invasive monitoring of very sick patients; two ‘transfer’ bags (one adult, one paediatric) for use when moving critically ill patients and an ‘airway manikin’ to enable medics and nursing staff to practice intubation techniques. Critical Care Service Manager Pauline Simes said: “Thank you, Marshall-Tufflex, once again for all your support. We have certainly benefited greatly from it over the years.”
  • £1,120 was given to SADIE (Skills for Adjusting Diet and Insulin in East Sussex). The SADIE diabetes team helps people adjust to living with Type 1 diabetes, running courses in Bexhill and Eastbourne throughout the year. Nikki Winter, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, said: “We are most grateful to Marshall-Tufflex for its support. It is ten years since we started SADIE and nearly 300 people with Type 1 diabetes across East Sussex have benefited.”