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David Cameron has announced that Britain will vote on Thursday 23 June on whether to remain in the EU.

The prime minister said in his statement in Downing Street that he recommends remaining in a reformed EU. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, backed him in this but other ministers are likely to campaign to leave.

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has not yet said where he stands on the situation but leave campaigners are hoping he will join them.

Justice Secretary Michael Gove has opted to sign up to the leave campaign.

UK house prices rose by 9.5% in the year to December, according to lender Halifax.  This makes it the fastest annual increase in nine years and also seems to give us more confirmation that homes in the UK are unaffordable.

According to Halifax in the last month, prices went up by 1.7% bringing the average house for sale signsprice to £208,286, but there are signs that the pace of price growth is softening slightly with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors figures showing that the supply of homes is at a record low.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the government plans to spend £1.2bn preparing former industrial sites for house building as part of an effort to bring down the cost of home ownership for young people.

This policy will deliver 30,000 cheaper homes over the next five years, with the government saying that work has already started on more than half of  these homes.

Heathrow is the UK’s busiest airport and has said that its main focus now is on the campaign for building a new runway. The airport was chosen as the preferred site for expansion over Gatwick Airport, which is another popular London-based airport.

On Friday, Heathrow published its first-half results, which stated that passenger numbers rose 1.3%, enhancing its adjusted core earnings to 748 million pounds ($1.2 billion). This is a rise of 6.3% compared with the previous year.

With the airport already operating at full capacity, it makes sense for Heathrow to be allowed to have another runway. Not only that, but the airport has continued to campaign to be given permission to expand as this will not only create more flights for consumers, but also bring in more money.

The main reason for opposition towards building a runway at Heathrow is because some prominent politicians, local residents and environmental groups disagree with what would change as a result of the new build. There would be more air and noise pollution, which is bound to be a major factor for the locals.

However, despite Heathrow’s efforts at convincing everyone in general that the new runway will have more benefits than cons, the Prime Minister David Cameron is still yet to make a decision. Cameron stated that he would make a decision by the end of the year.

David Cameron overlooked the most vocal opponents of the airport’s expansion when he set up a new aviation committee. This was set up earlier this week and revealed that the committee also considered that building the runway at Gatwick, who is Britain’s second busiest airport, is a viable option.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron visited Hastings today where he made a speech setting out the Conservative Party’s manifesto theme at the Saga offices based in the town centre.

Pensioner benefits will continue to be protected if the Conservatives win the general election, Cameron pledged today.

Universal winter fuel payments, free bus passes and television licences will be shielded from cuts in a repeat of the promise the Prime Minister made ahead of the 2010 poll.

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