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The team at Business In Hastings would like to wish all our visitors a very happy and prosperous new year and we will be on hand in 2014 to provide you with all the latest business news. We hope you join us in 2014 for more news and coverage of the important business happenings in Hastings and Rother.

Some more great news today regarding employment which hopefully further solidifies the UK’s continued growth which is predicted to be as high as 2.8% in 2014.

According to the ONS ,UK unemployment has fallen again by a further 99,000 in the last three months bringing the official figure down to 2.39 million. At 7.4%, this is the lowest it’s been since the Feb-Apr period in 2009.


Unemployment falls again in the UK.

This 7.4% unemployment rate compares with a figure of 7.6% for the three months to September, his figure is below the rate analysts had been expecting.

The total number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in November has fallen by 36,700 to 1.27 million.  It worth noting that some of this could be due to seasonal employment for the Christmas period.

The South-east has the lowest unemployment rate in the UK with a rate of 2.4% which is significantly lower than the national average.

weekly pay in the period grew by 0.8% (excluding bonuses) and whilst this sounds good it is still short or inflation which is still higher at 2.1%. Another factor reported today is the number of people in part-time work may still not provide enough to contribute to growth.

All in all though its not a bad report at all and is a positive end to 2013 and the fall is happening faster than predicted by the Bank of England who have pegged any future interest rate rises on unemployment getting down to 7% which they will probably revise again as it was originally set at being reached by 2015.

Heres the link to the full report. The next report is due on the 22nd January 2014 so hopefully the news will be even better in the new year which if it is the case will start the year on a very positive note.


Sarah Owen, Labour MP Candidate for Hastings & Rye recently went on a trip to China to share ideas and promote Hastings as a manufacturing hub, particularly in the High Vacuum technology sector for which Hastings excels in. Sarah was kind enough to let us publish the photos she took of here trip.

You can read all about the trip itself, here. Click on the images to enlarge.

Following on from a highly successful 2013 for RBS Inspiring Enterprise are excited to announce the dates for new funding rounds for 2014.

£1m of grants will be made available to support organisations which help young people and women to start up and succeed in business. £500,000 of funding is set aside for youth enterprise and a further £500,000 available for women in enterprise.


Got an business idea, need a grant? This could be for you!

There will be two funding rounds across the year for both target groups, with £250,000 of funding available in each round.

• The first 2014 youth funding round opens on Monday 20 January. Visit their website to see the full list of dates for Inspiring Youth Enterprise funding.

• The first 2014 women funding round opens on Monday 7 April. Visit their website to see the full list of dates for Inspiring Women in Enterprise funding.

The grants are available to help build the capacity of organisations that encourage and support young people and women to explore their enterprise potential.

They anticipate that applications will cover a variety of structured programmes in areas such as; business basics, skills and knowledge development, mentoring, peer support and a range of other ideas that will help build and develop the skills to allow more young people and women to start up and succeed in business.

Since the programme launched in 2012, RBS have made £2m of financial support available to 74 not-for-profit organisations across the UK. The projects run by these funded organisations are on track to inspire and enable tens of thousands of people to consider starting up a business.

Visit the RBS Inspiring Enterprise Website for full details of the programme here.

1 in 2 British workers have admitted they won’t buy a single gift for any of their colleagues this Christmas. A survey by market research comparison site SurveyCompare has found 52% of people in full or part-time employment won’t be buying a gift for anyone they work with this year.

In contrast when asked how much they will spend on gifts for family members only 4% of workers said they won’t be spending anything. 1 in 5 respondents said the same about gifts for their friends.


Is your office having a quiet one this year or is Secret Santa in full swing this year?

36% of Brits in full or part-time employment have even taken on extra work in the months leading up to Christmas to help cover the cost of the festive season.

A SurveyCompare spokesperson said: “It is a shame that so many people won’t be buying presents for their colleagues this Christmas.”

“A lot of the people who use our site at this time of year are in full or part-time employment, but are looking for an easy and risk free way to earn a little extra money, or some gift vouchers, that will help them through the festive period.”

These findings come after data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed prices rose four times faster than wages in the three months to August 2013.

The recent energy and fuel prices are also squeezing people’s living standards as we approach this expensive time of year.

Alex Vasili, a Marketing Executive from London said, “This year I won’t be buying any gifts for my colleagues. Like many people I am finding the winter months the trickiest to keep above the red.”

“Unfortunately finding the money to make this a special Christmas for my family is hard enough, let alone being able to shell out more money for gifts for those that I work with.”

Half of all the workers who responded to the survey admitted they are worried about the cost of Christmas, and 48% said they feel pressured to spend more than they can afford at Christmas by influences including television adverts and a desire to keep up with family and friends.

SurveyCompare surveyed more than 1,000 people from across the United Kingdom.

Are business in the Hastings and Rother area bucking the trend? Let us know what’s going on in your office this year

For more information visit http://www.surveycompare.net/

In a recent survey more than 1,000 people from the United Kingdom were asked questions about their Christmas spending plans and habits. The results are shown in this infographic which makes for interesting reading and can give you a good comparison regarding what you spend each year.

The Cost of Christmas in Britain

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.



According to East Sussex In Figures (ESIF) Both Hastings and Rother have the lowest number of households who have an internet connection  in the county.


Hastings and Rother need to get more households connected to the web to keep up with neighbouring towns and areas.

In 2013 Rother has 28,009 households who have a connection out of a total of 41,853 total households which is a take up of 66.9%.

Hastings is doing slightly better with 28,111 out of 41,768 households which works out at 67.3% take up so far.

When comparing this to the county average of 72% its clear to see that there is still a way to go until the town and Rother region catch up with the rest of the county. The GB average is 77.6%.

However, given the speed of which the high speed broadband roll-out is happening in the area, traditional broadband connections should get cheaper and with fibre cables the quality will be better with speeds of up to 60mb/s already available in the area through well know suppliers this we hope to see change quite rapidly.

To see the full table and comparisons please go to ESIF’s page here.

The South-East Urban Coast Creative Enterprise Support Scheme (SUCCESS fund) provides grants for new or expanding creative businesses that are creating jobs in Hastings.


Success Fund for creative businesses in Hastings

Other areas includeed in the scheme are Thanet and Tendring local authority areas.

Funding comes from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF), and is there to help creative businesses grow and flourish and in turn create new jobs.

The application process for grants from the Success Fund takes approx. 2-3 months and there is a five step procedure which you can see here

So if you are in the creative sector and are looking for funding to expand or to build up your business then this will be a potentially perfect opportunity for you.

See more at: http://www.success-creative-fund.biz/

Here are 33 digital marketing facts that you may not have known. It makes for interesting reading, even more so as an infographic.


33 Digital Marketing STATS You Didn



We were fortunate enough to be at the huge Business Start-Up and Innovation show last week. It was a very busy exhibition with numerous seminars, workshops, speed networking  and hundreds of exhibitors to see, however we managed to get a few shots of the event and here they are. The next event is in the new year so if you are thinking of starting a business or need ideas or just want to see what other services and help there is out there for the business you already have then this event is well worth going to.

Thanks to i-Jam Media for the images.