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It might not come as too much of a surprise after the scenes of people fighting over Televisions and other bargains on the much hyped Black Friday and whilst this American tradition looks like it here to stay, for better or worse it has now beaten other major shopping days to the number one spot regarding consumer participation online.

SLI Systems who are a worldwide e-commerce acceleration provider for mid- to large-size Internet retailers and B2B sites have released data that shows it was the most popular online shopping day of the pre-Christmas sales season 2014, ahead of Cyber Monday and Manic Monday.


Black Friday. Did your retail business do well?

They have summarised exactly what happened on the days themselves and released a graphic which shows peak traffic demand (You can see this here.)

  • Black Friday was the busiest online day, followed by Cyber Monday and lastly Manic Monday. Traffic on Cyber Monday was 74% of Black Friday’s traffic, and traffic on Manic Monday was 60% that of the peak day.
  • The peak shopping time was 4pm on Black Friday.
  • Over half of Black Friday traffic was driven by mobile devices with the peak at 1am, with 67% of users browsing on mobiles.

Its interesting to note that the shift to mobile has now happened in online retail as well and considering that most major retailers sites were down on the day it still beat previously high traffic days such as Cyber Monday.

Hopefully this insightful data should help online retailers of all sizes plan accordingly for 2015 pre-Christmas sales season including those in the Hastings and Rother area especially if the hype for the day mirrors this years scenes of chaos again, although its hoped that stores will be more prepared for future Black Friday events than they were this year.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has just delivered his last Autumn Statement to Parliament before the General Election in May 2015. chancellor

George Osborne insisted that the economy is in good health and borrowing is on target.

Here is a summary of what was announced today.

  • Stamp duty will be cut for 98% of people who pay it, only highest value residential properties will pay more.
  • Unemployment forecast to fall to 5.4% next year before settling at 5.3%
  • An extra £2bn every year for the NHS and £1.2bn investment in GP services.
  • Hospices are to be refunded VAT payments.
  • Fuel Duty to remain frozen.
  • Age passenger duty for children under 12 will be abolished next may and under 16’s in 2016.
  • Business rates will be cut and capped with extra help for the High Street.
  • Government backed student loans of up to £10,000 will be available to all those undertaking  postgraduate masters degrees.
  • The ‘Funding For Lending’ scheme has been extended by a further year focusing exclusively on smaller firms.
  • Total welfare spending will be £1bn a year lower than forecast.
  • 55% ‘Death Tax’ on pensions will be abolished and inherited ISAs will be kept tax free.