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Another new arrival to Hastings Priory Meadow this year will be Deichmann the shoe retailer.Deichmann

The very first Deichmann branch in the UK was opened in 2001 and the total figure of UK Deichmann branches now stands at 80. The Deichmann Group has applied its successful concept of fashionable, quality shoes at excellent prices combined with friendly service to its stores for the UK and is growing year upon year.

The UK range is individually adapted to UK consumers taking country specific trends into account.

Deichmann is the market leader in the German and European shoe business who offer a wide range of shoes for all age groups.

Whether it’s the businesslike brogue from Borelli, glamorous Catwalk party pumps, classic 5th Avenue boots or cute Bären-Schuhe children’s sandals, Deichmann offer the right shoe for every occasion and every fashion need.

Once again this is more brilliant news for Hastings and will insure more jobs for the town.