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The Institute of Operations Management (in conjunction with CILT) and Brighton Business School offer attendees the opportunity to:

Learn about the Demand Driven Supply Chain Revolution.uni-brighton-logo

Speaker: Simon Eagle, Demand Driven Institute and SmartChain International

On: Thursday 26th February 2015, 6:30pm to 8pm

At: The University of Brighton, Mithras House, Lewes Road, Brighton

The Demand Driven Supply Chain has been talked of many years but most companies still drive their replenishment using a forecast through DRP/MRP, often called ‘forecast push’.

With the advent of new and inexpensive Software as a Service tools, robust implementation of “Demand Driven” is now possible across complex networks (including the extended supply chain). Those that have adopted this way of working have found they are now able to meet their planned service levels with reductions in inventory of 30% to 50% and costs by c20%.  Simon Eagle,  Certified Instructor with the Demand Driven Institute, has deep knowledge of the “whys and hows” of “Demand Driven” and will  describe how all supply chains that plan to hold stock somewhere (and that includes MTO) can benefit – including yours?

Any enquiries please contact Chris Matthews: c.r.matthews@brighton.ac.uk, 01273642135