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Local businesses create thousands of jobs and generate millions of pounds for our local economy but with competition from out of town shopping centres and internet shopping, they face increasing challenges. Amber Rudd’s Shop local discount card encourages residents to shop in their local area, supporting local businesses supporting the local economy.


Get your business signed up with Shop Local and start benefiting as soon as possible

Above all, Hastings & Rye Shop Local aims to support the high street. By offering a range of different incentives – from percentage discounts, buy one get one free or exclusive special offers – shoppers can find great deals on the high street rather than looking elsewhere.

Local businesses that sign up to the scheme benefit from the opportunity to attract new customers with the promotions they offer and reach a wider audience with their business information on the website and directory.

The card is free for both customers and businesses to sign up to.

There are already a wide range of local businesses signed up to the scheme, each offering different sorts of discounts or rewards. For more information on how to sign up for the card or to add your business to the scheme visit www.shoplocalhastings.co.uk