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Outgoing Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) President Phil Fagg has praised British manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex for its high quality, easy-to-install energy management products – while warning that more needs to be done to equip buildings with energy efficient solutions to ameliorate the threat of power blackouts.

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ECA praises Marshall Tufflex

Mr Fagg visited Hastings-based Marshall-Tufflex on May 12 to discuss the marketplace from a contractor’s point of view. He met with senior management including Managing Director Jim Fletcher, Commercial Director Richard Beale plus members of the sales, marketing, customer service and operation teams.

He reinforced the ECA ’s long-standing relationship with Marshall-Tufflex, which manufactures both market-leading cable management and energy management solutions, praising the family-owned company for developing products that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing: “Contractors are continually looking for well-designed products that are easy on the eye, efficient and simple to install. Marshall-Tufflex is responding to these requirements. Your Boiler Management system is great – it’s high quality. And you’ve got it right with your Voltis voltage optimisation offering. Top quality products not only make my job easier but I know I am supporting a UK manufacturer. Energy efficient products are a win-win situation for all – the manufacture, the installer and the end user,” he said.

However, Mr Fagg went on to describe energy efficiency as ‘a fantastic opportunity for our industry, but also our greatest challenge’. He warned that national power output may not meet consumer demand, leading to localised blackouts ‘becoming a reality’ as early as next year and making the drive to more energy efficient buildings all the more important. This topic is set to be discussed at the ECA ’s Electric Event (May 28-30, ICC Birmingham) during which Marshall-Tufflex will present a seminar – ‘Reduce energy costs, build customer loyalty’ – discussing the business opportunities for electrical contractors offering energy saving systems to clients.

“We were delighted to welcome Phil to Marshall-Tufflex and really appreciated his endorsement of our energy saving systems such as the Domestic Boiler Manager,” said Jeremy Dodge, Marshall-Tufflex Head of Marketing and Technical Services. “We’ve worked hard to develop domestic and commercial products that deliver good savings for users, are straight-forward to install, as compact as possible and aesthetically pleasing. It’s good to get positive feedback from Phil, who is both an industry leader and an electrical contractor who knows what works for him and his company.”

Its great to hear that a Hastings based company such as Marshall Tufflex is receiving this much praise from a national association. If you have a similar story to share then let us know via the contact page.