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According to East Sussex In Figures (ESIF) Both Hastings and Rother have the lowest number of households who have an internet connection  in the county.


Hastings and Rother need to get more households connected to the web to keep up with neighbouring towns and areas.

In 2013 Rother has 28,009 households who have a connection out of a total of 41,853 total households which is a take up of 66.9%.

Hastings is doing slightly better with 28,111 out of 41,768 households which works out at 67.3% take up so far.

When comparing this to the county average of 72% its clear to see that there is still a way to go until the town and Rother region catch up with the rest of the county. The GB average is 77.6%.

However, given the speed of which the high speed broadband roll-out is happening in the area, traditional broadband connections should get cheaper and with fibre cables the quality will be better with speeds of up to 60mb/s already available in the area through well know suppliers this we hope to see change quite rapidly.

To see the full table and comparisons please go to ESIF’s page here.