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The new ISO 50001 energy management system was developed by some of the world’s leading energy experts – to help businesses and organisations improve energy performance, reduce energy waste and increase efficiency.

Thousands of businesses in all kinds of industries around the world are using ISO 50001 energy management systems to raise their profit margins and stay ahead of the competition.

Every size of business can improve their energy performance with the ISO 50001 system, as it was designed along universal principles.Commercial Electricity Invoices

Marks & Spencer, Google, Costa Coffee, Bentley Motors, Viridor Waste, Royal Mint, Virgin Trains, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Coca Cola are some of the well known companies using ISO 50001 to help reduce their energy consumption and charges.  Universities, councils, NHS hospitals and the DECC are also cutting electricity and gas bills with ISO 50001.

Energy charges used to be a fairly low overhead, but for many businesses they have become an important consideration with a direct impact on the bottom line.

ISO 50001’s step by step energy management system helps you learn how, why, when and where your energy is being used, so you can discover opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Using the Plan, Do Check and Act process ISO 50001 enables you to take control and use Low Cost and No Cost solutions, introduce energy saving technologies and improve processes to use energy more effectively.  ISO 50001 also helps you measure both your energy improvements and your savings.

ISO 50001 is recognised as the international energy standard in 164 countries.  Gaining certification to the ISO 50001 standard shows customers the high quality of your energy management, irrespective of whether they are in the UK or abroad.

For larger businesses ISO 50001 can also now provide a further significant benefit.

The Government have announced their new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – an energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for large undertakings (and their corporate groups) across the UK.  This includes businesses employing 250+ staff in the UK, or in corporate groups which include a large undertaking.

ISO 50001 certification can provide compliance for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), so there is considerable interest from larger businesses and non-public sector organisations looking to use ISO 50001 to both improve their energy management and to comply with the new ESOS Scheme.

Fenn Utilities help businesses and organisations learn how to use the ISO 50001 energy management system to reduce energy consumption and energy charges.

Stephen Fenn is an MEI Chartered Energy Manager and ISO 50001 Lead Auditor.  Phone him on 01424 858307 or see www.fennutilities.com for more information.