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FundingBusiness officially opened its doors on January 5th 2015 at the Innovation Centre. The business is led by Roger Taylor who has 40 years of experience at board level, funding businesses in every industry sector; FundingBusiness already has financial solutions of some 35 million pounds in the pipeline, with deals done of 3.5 million this month so far.funding-business-logo

FundingBusiness is backed by a major City firm and already employs six people. The business is based in Hastings, East Sussex.

Roger believes that SME’s have real alternatives to traditional bank lending that they just don’t know about. He says that the aim of this new commercial brokerage is to bring alternative funding into the mainstream and to find creative financial solutions for start ups to established businesses.

FundingBusiness is one of a group of emerging professional brokers who know how to present applications for funding and to use all their contacts with decision makers to get most lending applications pre-approved, without naming names, before an official approach is made

New financial solutions are coming onto the market almost weekly making it very hard for the average business owner to keep up with all the possibilities.

Alternative funders have now become mainstream, offering more than just one size fits all solutions. Factoring and invoice discounting have been used as viable alternatives to the traditional overdraft for more than sixty years but even these funders are innovative, offering spot and pay as you go factoring. This provides real options for SME’s looking to raise short term cash flow finance, to fund that one large order or to extend a product range.

Business loans, both secured and unsecured have seen the greatest innovation. You can now get whole turnover loans, loans based upon your income from debit/credit transactions, loans backed by your pension fund and peer to peer lending via on line platforms, even same day loans for businesses in distress.

FundingBusiness is approved to work with commercial mortgage specialists Shawbrook Bank, who have the lowest rates in the market for buy to let residential properties and does excellent commercial mortgage rates with fast turnarounds.

Navigating this level of choice can be tricky; ask your accountant for advice, do your research on line, whittle down your choices or talk to a commercial broker like us. Commercial brokers do not charge you for their services, they get a fee from funders when a successful application is made.

If you have been with a funder for years, now might be a good time to check if you are getting the best deal. A bit like swapping your utilities provider, there is often a better deal available. Getting the right funder is not just about the lending rate or funder’s reputation, it is also about the detail and the chemistry between you and the funder.

If your business is looking for expansion finance, support funding, start up cash or if you need cash to see you through a bad patch, give us a call and in just five minutes we will be able to let you know what we can do.

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