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Well that’s that, the festivities are over and its time to get back to work and what a start to the new year we have with a good old fashioned winter storm lashing the Hastings and Rother coast. We wouldn’t say that this is the shape of things to come, in fact quite the opposite. Here’s why 2014 will be a great time for businesses in the area and in general.

High growth expected

Business grants

Business grants are now available for businesses in the area.

We reported on this a couple of months ago however, we think that it worth mentioning again. Both the Bank of England (BoE) and  the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicting growth from 2.4 to 2.8% with reports also predicting upwards of 3% showing that things are finally on the up. This is great news for business all over the area and with more investment coming in to the country we hope that your business benefits from the boost in confidence.

Business Grants and funding return

If you’ve struggles and survived the worst financial crisis in a generation then this will be good news to hear. there are a number of funding initiatives such as the Success Fund for Creative businesses and the RBS Inspiring Enterprise Grants offering cash injections to business in the area along with funding available for local projects from the Safer in Sussex Community Fund . This is alongside industry specific funding and EU initiatives that have happened in the last year and will be happening again. We will of course keep you up to date to regarding funding at Business in Hastings. The best way to get the news first is to join our regular newsletter here.

The area is developing

The next phase of the Priory Quarter development open for business by around the autumn of 2014 with 47,000 sq ft of fantastic new office space for business that are growing and for new businesses that are moving here. If you are interested to know more then you can see the brochure here.  You can see the existing locations that are available here.

The long awaited redevelopment of Hastings Pier has already started, however in 2014 you should be able to really start to see the new pier taking shape. The pier once opened in 2015 will be a major beacon for visitors to the town who’s presence will have a benefit for the town and area  The resurrection of the pier will be seen by those in the area and more importantly across the country and internationally as a major sign that the town is back on the map (but we all knew that anyway).

creative media centre hastings

Hastings is growing and developing at a fast pace.

The bottleneck that is the coast road will still be congested in 2014, however, the new Bexhill bypass will be one more year closer to completion which once ready in 2017 will greatly increase traffic flow and take the pressure off the coast road up to Bexhill. Once completed it will be good for businesses of all kinds in the area. There are plans for a new office development in Sidley (north Bexhill) and on Queensway to coincide with this too adding yet more office and industrial units to the area.

Unemployment is falling

This is great news but does come with a small catch (or benefit if happen to be a saver).  First the really good news ,unemployment is falling faster than expected which is great news for those who are finding work. The other side of it is that interest rate rises are linked to falls in unemployment meaning that any loans or mortgages may incur higher interest payments, for those that are savers who have had to endure record low interest rates this will be great news. Either way, be aware as the target for this trigger any rise has already been brought forward as the economy recovers.

Tec 66 returns


Tec 66 returns in 2014

The first Tec 66 event held at the Sussex Exchange back in September 2013 was a great success and was a great way to make visitors aware of the hi-tec hub which Hastings & Rother is for the high photonic and vacuum technology industries . The event had visitors from all over the UK and from further afield and we will have more news on this great exhibition and conference soon.

Sport events should boost local sales and raise the areas feelgood factor.

2014 is going to be quite a big year for sport event based sales. Pubs, clubs and retailers should have an even bigger influx of business over the year. the big events that will have a huge local and national following include:

  • 2014 Six Nations Rugby (1st February – 15th Febraury)
  • The 2014 winter Olympics (7th February- 23rd February)
  • The 2014 Fifa World Cup (12th June-13th July)
  • Wimbledon (23rd June – 6th July)

So expect packed pubs, bars, clubs and everyone being generally happy (until we’re out on penalties that is)

The Summer

Whilst there are events all year round in Hastings & Rother, the region really comes in to its own in the summer. From Jack in the Green the may day bikers, Old town week, Hastings week, food festivals, the Bexhill classic car show and art exhibitions will be brining in huge amounts of tourists and with that vital money for the local tourist industry which drives visitors to the town and area as a whole.

So all in all there are quite a few things to look forward to this year so we wish you the best of luck for your business this year and long in to the future. Whether you are already running a business here or are looking to start one or relocate, Hastings and Rother is a great place to be, not just for business but for living in as well. (If you’re from outside the area you might want to find out a bit more about life here and why thousands are moving here each year. here’s the link.)

Are you looking forward to 2014? Is your business confidence higher this year than last year?







Following on from a highly successful 2013 for RBS Inspiring Enterprise are excited to announce the dates for new funding rounds for 2014.

£1m of grants will be made available to support organisations which help young people and women to start up and succeed in business. £500,000 of funding is set aside for youth enterprise and a further £500,000 available for women in enterprise.


Got an business idea, need a grant? This could be for you!

There will be two funding rounds across the year for both target groups, with £250,000 of funding available in each round.

• The first 2014 youth funding round opens on Monday 20 January. Visit their website to see the full list of dates for Inspiring Youth Enterprise funding.

• The first 2014 women funding round opens on Monday 7 April. Visit their website to see the full list of dates for Inspiring Women in Enterprise funding.

The grants are available to help build the capacity of organisations that encourage and support young people and women to explore their enterprise potential.

They anticipate that applications will cover a variety of structured programmes in areas such as; business basics, skills and knowledge development, mentoring, peer support and a range of other ideas that will help build and develop the skills to allow more young people and women to start up and succeed in business.

Since the programme launched in 2012, RBS have made £2m of financial support available to 74 not-for-profit organisations across the UK. The projects run by these funded organisations are on track to inspire and enable tens of thousands of people to consider starting up a business.

Visit the RBS Inspiring Enterprise Website for full details of the programme here.

The South-East Urban Coast Creative Enterprise Support Scheme (SUCCESS fund) provides grants for new or expanding creative businesses that are creating jobs in Hastings.


Success Fund for creative businesses in Hastings

Other areas includeed in the scheme are Thanet and Tendring local authority areas.

Funding comes from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF), and is there to help creative businesses grow and flourish and in turn create new jobs.

The application process for grants from the Success Fund takes approx. 2-3 months and there is a five step procedure which you can see here

So if you are in the creative sector and are looking for funding to expand or to build up your business then this will be a potentially perfect opportunity for you.

See more at: http://www.success-creative-fund.biz/