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Centre For Cities has just released it annual index and report on cities and towns across the UK. Hastings has been awarded with the accolade of the greenest large town according to a report which has just been released and is great news considering that the town is a major manufacturing hub for the south east.

Sunset Over Hastings

Hastings is a green and inventive town and is attracting more people to the town that it loses according to the the Centre for Cities report.

Hastings is also an inventive town and was ranked 8th regarding number of patents per 100,000 population (7.8 to be precise) which is definitely something to be proud of.  The next nearest town is Worthing which was placed 9th. Cambridge, being the home of research laboratories and some of the countries best universities naturally came up trumps with first place.

It was also reported that Hastings has the lowest Carbon dioxide per 100,000 as well which makes us the greenest large town.

Hastings did rank quite badly though for Job Seekers Claimants and was ranks 55th out of 64 and the ratio of private to public sector employment is low (19,000 private v’s 12,400 public) so there is still room for improvement.

Overall the reports states that the London is still the centre of commerce and growth in the country and it made up 80% of the countries growth .

Whilst London is where lots of people around the country move to work in their twenties the report also states that more people from London move to Hastings then the other way round with migration from London to Hastings of between 1,000- 4,999 between 2009-2012.

You can view the whole report here. Its really worth a look.