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The Government has announced that it has earmarked £84 Million Growth Deal for the South East as part of its ‘Growth Deal’ to help facilitate growth across the region. This is from the first half of £12bn that will allocated for local growth initiatives across the UK.

How the Growth Deal for the South East ‘s money will be spent will be decided by local authorities and business and will include job creation alongside infrastructure improvements, the continued rollout of superfast broadband and home-building.motorway-at-night

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has emphasised that this investment is to help counties and individual towns and cities to become powerhouses and is letting those who are there decide how the money is best spent.

This is great news for businesses in the area as the government is letting local decision makers allocate the funds rather than from central government.

We’ll keep you posted on the Growth Deal for the South East and if there is any funding initiative coming soon for local businesses within Hastings and 1066 country as a whole.