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If you haven’t noticed its quite windy in Hastings today due to another storm system coming in off the Atlantic and with the addition of a surge at high tide has been battering the coast throughout the day culminating in a partial collapse of the cliffs at Rock -a-Nore just past the car park at the east end of the old town.


Hastings cliff fall at Rock-a-Nore during todays storm

From the video footage we’ve linked to the Hastings cliff fall shows what looks like hundreds if not thousands of tons of cliff face spectacularly falling in to the sea.

Luckily no one was hurt as the Hastings cliff fall happened beyond the edge of the town, however please be vigilant or just stay away from the cliffs both in Hastings and along the Sussex coast. Reports are coming in that another storm surge is due tonight at high tide.

Footage of the collapse has made it to Merdian news where you can see the full collapse here.

There is also raw footage on YouTube which you can see here.

Have you or your business been affected by the today’s weather? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

(image from Wikimedia Commons)