Driving Hastings forward 01424 205481

The Rail Minister, Stephen Hammond MP has today confirmed that there will be an additional, fast train running from Hastings to London Charing Cross during peak hours in the morning and evening. This service will operate a direct train between Hastings and Tunbridge Wells and start running from January 2015 as part of the new timetable for the next franchise.


The Hastings Express is coming in 2015.

This new Hastings Express, which is in addition to the current service, is believed to be the first ever train to run direct from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells.

Most commuters know that once you get to Tunbridge Wells the rest of the Journey to London only takes 45 mins.

With the current time around the 1.5 to 2 hour mark this will save significant time for commuters and visitors to London and make Hastings an even more attractive location for investment which will make it an ideal location for businesses from all sectors to thrive in.

The Short travel time from Brighton to London has helped the City grow significantly over the years and if Hastings can get near this it will make Hastings a very popular place to live as well as property prices are some of the lowest in the Southeast.

After months of campaigning with local rail groups and residents across the town, Amber Rudd MP has announced today that the Rail Minister, Stephen Hammond MP, has today confirmed that the 0639 service from Ore to Cannon Street will be saved.


The 06:39 Ore to Cannon Street train will not be axed.

This is fantastic news for our local area and Amber has expressed her delight that the Minister has listened to the pleas of so many commuters from Hastings who use the 06:39 to get to the heart of the City of London. The Cannon Street Service is extremely popular and I made this very clear to the Rail Minister when I met with him a few weeks ago to hand over the 0639 petition.

It is a victory for hundreds of commuters across the town who signed the petition promoted by Amber Rudd, other local MP’s and local rail group ESRA.

This Hastings Express service will not only ensure a quicker and much more reliable journey between Hastings and London, but it will also have a fundamental effect on the economic growth of the local area.

Amber Rudd  has said that the hard work has paid off and are now firmly on the journey to vastly improved rail travel to and from Hastings. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with these two campaigns, particularly SHRIMP (www.1066shrimprail.org.uk/) , SouthEastern trains and Hastings Borough Council.