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Hastings has football, cricket and other sports teams that raise the profile of the town. Now there’s a new kid on the block, The Hastings Conquerors which is the towns very own American Football team. We find out more about them, how they came about and highlight some of the opportunities for local businesses.

Hastings Conquerors is the first Co-Operative Not-for-Profit Community-based American Football team in Hastings, East Sussex. The team began its journey in early 2013 when Club Chairman and Founder Chris


Chillingworth put an event on Facebook, for a social meet for anyone who was interested in starting an American Football team in Hastings.

Since that day they have gone from strength to strength, from getting plans drawn up for logo designs, website design, uniform design, promotional pieces to training plans and training grounds. Almost anything and everything a team could ask for has been done in a very short space of time. We have our own football field, more commonly known as the Gridiron, our own kit and uniform and sponsors.

Their first full calendar year as a club included several matches against teams like London Blitz, Sussex Thunder, Maidstone Pumas, London Hornets and Wembley Stallions. They started with a win in a controlled scrimmage against the Pumas. Losses followed against teams which have a lot more experience than us but gradually we started to gain points and not give way.

Because Hastings Conquerors is a Co-Operative Not-for-Profit team, that means anyone can buy a share within the club and own part of your own American Football Team for just £30 a year and if you are already a shareholder it is now only £10 to renew!

They are now journeying into the competitive realm of the British American Football League run by the British American Football Association (BAFA). The coaches and committee staff have worked tirelessly while also working their day jobs to bring the team so far in just two years.

The Conquerors is the first team of its kind in Hastings and its main goal is to achieve, compete at a high level and help promote all that is good about the town. And with women’s and youth teams in the pipeline, this truly means anyone can play the sport in Hastings.

Hastings Conquerors are hosting a series of rookie days across sussex in January 2015 in Eastbourne, Hastings and Battle. Dates can be found on our website at http://hastingsconquerors.co.uk/2015/01/04/rookie-days/

If you would like to Sponsor, Coach or Play for the Hastings Conquerors, email us at recruitment@hastingsconquerors.co.uk