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Hastings Business Centre has become one of the first business centres in the UK to install heart defibrillators on site.


HBC’s Jim Christy and Mish Standen check out the new life saving equipment installed at the Innovation Centre.

The company which has bases along the south coast, has purchased one automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) from DOC UK. The device is portable and automatically connects a user to a call centre where medically trained professionals will guide them through the de-fibrillation process.

Jim Christy, director for the Innovation Centre in Hastings said: “As a business our very first priority is the safety of the people on our site.

“Hopefully, the equipment will never need to be used, but even if the defibrillator never leaves its case, it will act as reassurance to the thousands of people passing through ours doors every year.”

Vincent Mathieu, managing director of DOC, said: “Every six minutes, someone in the UK dies of a heart attack. Sadly cardiac emergencies are a huge risk, so it is great to see firms such as the Innovation Centre leading the way.”