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Hastings company Brolly Assosciates Ltd.’s independent publishing label, I LOVE MEL has just launched it’s first children’s story book.
Pearl Power is a book derived from Mel Elliott’s disappointment at the continued gender stereotyping aimed at very young children and it attempts to address this with a fun and delightful introduction to gender equality issues.pearl-power

Whilst Pearl Power is Mel Elliott’s first children’s book, previously, the I LOVE MEL label has published 18 titles, mostly consisting of contemporary colouring books aimed primarily at adults and teens. She has also produced four art and design titles for Pavilion, London and two titles for Penguin, New York.

Pearl Power will eventually be part of a series of five books and a short animation has already been created, with the intention of building the feisty young female character into a brand of books, animations, T-shirts and stationery.

Pearl Power is named after Elliott’s own five year old daughter who one morning announced that she knew that boys can become doctors and girls can become nurses… and being a writer and illustrator, Mel Elliott believed she had to do something to change the awful gender stereotypes placed upon young children by advertising, toys, cartoons and many films and books.

In her first adventure, Pearl Power starts a new school and eventually teaches one little boy a lesson in female achievement… and kindness.
Pearl Power is published by I LOVE MEL which is run by Mel Elliott and her husband Andrew Tyrrell, who both live in Hastings. It is printed in the UK on a paper that is made from 100% post-consumer waste. It is written and illustrated by Mel Elliott.

Signed copies are available from shop.ilovemel.me and it is priced at £7.99