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Plans for the 950th anniversary for the Battle of Hastings are under way in the town linked to the most famous conflict in English History. Organisers have said that they’re also planning a military parade through Battle and special church services.

battle of hastings

Thousands of people are expected to take part in this event,  five mayors in the French region of Normandy are also being invited to commemorate the Battle of Hastings. The events aim to mark the significance of the battle which altered the course of history in medieval England and led to the Norman Conquest.

The anniversary will be taking place on October 14th 2016.  On this day in history in 1066 the Battle of Hastings was fought at Senlac Hill in Battle. It is estimated that Harold’s army was made up of about 6000 soldiers and the Norman army numbered about 7000.

If the legends can be believed King Harold was killed when he was shot through the eye with a Norman arrow.  William went onto win the Battle of Hastings and he was crowned King having successfully invaded England.