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Due to increased demand The Kurt J. Lesker Company has announced the expansion for specialty manufacturing at its European Headquarters. Further investment will allow KJLC additional resource creating a dedicated manufacturing team, specialising in the fabrication of stainless steel products.  The strategy being to replicate the current US Manufacturing division, to become Europe’s largest manufacturing facility. kurt-j-lesker

In order for KJLC Ltd to see growth in Europe it is a necessity for the UK based manufacturing operation to expand.  Currently producing Electrical Feedthroughs, Liquid Feedthroughs, and custom components onsite and subcontracts large scale manufacturing services from either their US parent company or from local manufacturing organisations.

Expansion will enable KJLC to support the high demand for quality vessels and components across Europe.  Additional capital equipment will provide the capability to machine a 1mtr³ envelope for vacuum related applications at competitive pricing with shorter lead times.

KJLC has built a reputation as a world class manufacturer and distributor of quality vacuum products. Offering customer’s an unrivalled global product inventory, excellent customer service, and outstanding e-commerce solutions.

Founded in 1954, Kurt J Lesker Company has grown into a highly recognised global organisation supporting the high- and ultra‑high vacuum market.  Serving industries; LED, Optics, UHV/ Synchrotron, Electronics, Decorative Coating and R&D.  KJLC provides the most complete line of products and service solutions in the vacuum industry worldwide.