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Network Rail workers will go on strike in June because they rejected another pay offer. Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union members will hold a 24-hour strike from 17:00 BST on the 4th June. In addition to this, they will also take a 48-hour strike from 17:00 on the 9th June.

Staff were originally going to strike last weekend over the bank holiday but called it off because Network Rail offered them a new deal. Union representatives met on Thursday to discuss this offer but decided to reject it and from this, the new strikes were announced.

The RMT’s 16,000 members at Network Rail work across the company’s operations and maintenance and so the strike will have a big impact on rail passengers’ journey. The earlier offer from the rail company was a four-year deal of a single £500 payment along with three years of rises in line with RPI inflation.

The new offer would last over two years and workers would receive a 1% rise this year and a rise of around 1.4% the next year. Not only that but there would be no compulsory redundancies for the duration of the agreement.

Each day of the strike, Network Rail will have to pay compensation of £30 million to train companies, the RMT claimed. However, the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) is to ballot its 3,000 members at Network Rail on the new offer. TSSA also suspended the strike planned for the bank holiday weekend.

Hi Tech Hastings company Alpine Components train engineers from GlaxoSmithKline site at the Innovation Centre

Alpine Components’ Chief Technician and trainer Micky Jackson recently carried out a training session at the Innovation Centre for six engineers that work at the blue-chip pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline in Worthing.

ultraprobe 9000

The high technology training was organised to help Glaxosmithkline fully utilize a piece of equipment they purchased back in 2013, which is called an Ultraprobe 9000. The product is a portable, hand-held ultrasonic detector, which can detect high frequency sounds and translate them in to an audible frequency.

This technology will enable the GSK engineers to find very small leaks that can seriously disrupt production or waste energy and money. The company also plans to use the equipment to monitor and trend the condition of mechanical components on-site, such as bearings, pumps and gearboxes. This will allow GSK to detect mechanical defects at an early stage and prevent unexpected failure and downtime of critical machinery.

The Hastings based company export thermal imaging and ultrasonic products such as the Ultraprobe 9000 all over the world and have shipped this equipment to more than 60 countries.

Alpine Components are grateful for the opportunity to host training days and events like this at the Innovation Centre, and would also like to thank the Sussex Exchange for the catering that was provided during the training days.

Hi Tech Hastings company Alpine Components train engineers from GlaxoSmithKline site at Innovation Centre

Alpine Components’ Chief Technician and trainer Micky Jackson recently carried out a training session at the Innovation Centre for 6 engineers that work at the blue-chip pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline in Worthing.

British business could save at least £10 billion because the Queen’s Speech outlined plans for a bill to cut red tape.

Independent regulators, who are charged with making sure that this target is achieved, will monitor the plans. In addition to this, the bill has proposed a new Small Business Conciliation Service, which will help settle disputes between small and large businesses. This will help solve the concerns over late payment, which is particularly a concern of small businesses. The service will handle disputes without the need for court action.

Ahead of a revaluation which is due in 2017, there ill be a reform of the current system where businesses can appeal against business rates and this is intended to simplify the process. The government stated that it intends to take action to strengthen UK competitiveness and to back businesses to create jobs. It intends to make the £10 billion cuts by the end of this parliament.

Business in Hastings is pleased to announce a new partnership with 1066jobs.com.

As you may have seen on our site we have a new tab at the top of the site which is fittingly called ‘Jobs’. This is now a direct portal to 1066jobs.com ‘s website, making it even easier to find out about local employment opportunities from one place.

1066jobs.com is part of the Love Local Jobs group of job boards which are across the region including Love Eastbourne Jobs.

If you are an employer and are looking to place roles on there then we suggest that you sign up to our monthly newsletter for exclusive job board placement offers (for standard and enhanced listings) that you won’t get anywhere else. So if you are recruiting now or soon then this will save your business money and get your role seen by the best selection of candidates across the region.

We will also do a round up of the best jobs in the area on a regular basis too for those looking to further their careers so perhaps you’re companies job might be featured on the site too.

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The Sussex Electronics and Radio fair will be held on Saturday the 6th June at Eastbourne Sports Park and is a new annual fund raising event. The fair is for the local community radio and electronics clubs and groups where the whole sports park will be taken over for the day, with exhibitors inside and outside.

The event brings together a large range of exhibitors including manufacturers, traders, flea market, craft, clubs, groups, bring & buy, raffle, drones, educational and many more. Visitors can be anyone from students to hobbyist and even professionals.

All in all, the event is expected to be a family and friendly atmosphere with hot and cold food, refreshments and ice cream being served all day.

Eastbourne Sports Park has easy access and full disabled facilities, close parking, indoor and outdoor space and is close to the main bus and train routes. It is of walking distance from Hampden Park railway station and is just off the main A22 road into Eastbourne, then Cross Levels Way A2280 and lies at the back of Eastbourne District General Hospital. It is also adjacent to Sussex Downs Vocational Sixth Form College.

Ryanair has reported an increase in full-year profits, which is a larger number than analysts’ expected. Net profit for the year to the end of March rose by 66% to €867m (£614m; $948m). One factor of this was the falling oil prices, which reduced operating costs.

Passenger traffic was up 11% to 90.6 million customers and total revenue increased 12% to more than €5.6bn. Ryanair said that because they are facing a rise in demand, they had ordered 183 Boeing 737-800 planes to be delivered from 2014-18 as well as 200 Boeing 737 Max 200s from 2019-2023.

The Irish airline said that the new engines would be 18% more efficient as well as the aircraft being cheaper to finance and operate. It also stated that the amount of extra passengers they receive is largely driven by its new Business Plus and Family Extra services.

In the past, Ryanair has tried to take over another rival firm, Aer Lingus, but did not have any success. Ryanair owns 29.8% of the airline but the firm is now also a takeover target for International Airlines Group (IAG) and so Ryanair may not have much say in the possibility of a takeover. IAG owns British Airways and Iberia.

The Irish government owns 25% of Aer Lingus and in February said that it could not approve an offer of £1 billion from IAG for the carrier. This is because it wanted more clarity on guaranteeing jobs and extra information on IAG’s transatlantic plans. Despite this, Aer Lingus has welcomed the offer that IAG has provided.

Although zero hour contracts may be great for some, for those who are trying to earn a living and have stability in their lives, these contracts are not what they’d hoped for. For those who don’t know what zero hours contracts are, which is probably very few, it is the agreement between the employer and worker, which means they are not obliged to provide the worker with any minimum working hours. This also means that the worker does not have to accept certain hours, but how many is offered can vary from week to week.

Life on a zero hour contract can be tough for some, especially when they can’t find work elsewhere so therefore, they do not give up the little work they could be given. Other jobs may not be able to provide flexible hours and so, this may be their only option. The Labour party was particularly interested in ending exploitative zero hours contracts but considering they were not elected by the general public, workers could still have to face the dreads of minimal working life.

Ian Duncan Smith, the Conservative work and pensions secretary, said that zero hours contracts should be re-branded and called ‘flexible-hours contracts’. He disagrees with former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, and says that most people who are on this kind of contract are those who cannot guarantee hours. These are people who have caring responsibilities and people who are in education.

On the flipside of this, zero hours contracts are useful for these kinds of people as students in particular, who may need to have a job to fund their living or university fees, can work around their own schedule. However, this still does not guarantee work when they may need it and the employer does not have to give the work. Although it is a good point from the work and pensions secretary, something needs to be said for those who may not be as flexible but do still need to work at certain times.

Patrick Tatarian, a student ambassador on a zero hours contract at Kingston University said: “Zero hours contracts do have added flexibility and having flexible hours is good when you have other commitments, such as us student ambassadors. There are times where we’re too busy to work.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) stated that between October and December 2014, 697,000 people were employed on a zero hours contract for their main job. This was based on figures from the Labour Force Survey. All in all, this figure represents a total of 2.3% of the UK workforce. This figure is still higher than the figure of 586,000, which is 1.9% of people in employment, reported for the same period in 2013.

According to the ONS, this survey also found that employees received on average 25 hours of work per week with a third of those wanting more hours. This compared with only 10% of other people in employment. In addition, the ONS also said that the zero hours workers were, in most cases, women or in full-time education and aged under 25 or over 65.

For now it seems, zero hours contracts are to stay put in the UK and this may please or displease some people. As the economy grows there could be a chance that there would be less need for them as businesses would have more money to offer employees jobs that would have more security for them.

The Creative Media Centre in Hastings has a brand new brochure which highlights the services they offer.

cmc brochure

It has been nearly 10 years since the Creative Media Centre opened and the brochure showcases what some of the existing companies here feel about the offices they work in.

The centre is for start-ups, freelancers and existing companies who wish to have their own office, desk space or even have a virtual office. Other perks of the centre include the meeting room hire which can be used for board meetings, interviews, training or even seminars; bureau services; networking events and business support services.

Hastings is about more than just the seaside and historical attractions (although it great that we have them here), it has become a great location for businesses of all sizes as it offers a strategic location at a lower cost.

The brochure gives information on how your business could benefit from being located here. It also features new photographs by Chris Parker Photography, showing why the Creative Media Centre is a vibrant and inspirational place to base a business.

Want to read the brochure? Well head over to our property section here where you can view it in browser or download it.


Seems like St Leonards is getting more attention (and rightly so). We’ve found a great article from Coast Magazine that we thought we’d share with you that tells its readers about how St Leonards was born and what the town now offers to the community. Alongside the pleasant beaches to the pier that is being rebuilt, it invites the readers to step inside the place that now attracts artists, filmmakers, designers, writers and many more.

The town was planned as a resort for well-off down-from-London folk and this article explains why the refreshing sea air and vibrant future is so attractive to people from London. It’s been described as a place of relaxation, surrounded by culture and local attractions.

Read the full article here:


This weekend see’s the Big Beach Clean Up in Hastings.  The Blue Reef Aquarium have organised the event for Saturday at 10am on the beach behind the Aquarium and they are hoping for lots of volunteers to join in and offer their support.

Hastings Borough Council have provided the Blue Reef with some litter picking tools and volunteers will be issued with bin bags, gloves and a reporting form to record what they find.

If you want to make Hastings beach a cleaner place ready for the summer then you need to contact the Blue Reef to confirm.  Once registered everyone will be meeting at the aquarium cafe at 9.45 am on Saturday 23rd May.