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Microsoft used Isaac as their promotional video on how they support a handful of young startups annually- he was pitching for 500k to 400 top level investors, and had 14 weeks Business Bootcamp at Microsoft Head quarters…he had full access to everything that Microsoft do, A KPMG partner was his financial advisor….he’s dealt with only the top companies for the last 14 weeks.  Their USP is the fact the characters within the game, can travel both between games and platforms and devices.

Microsoft have just released Office for iPad and it’s available right now on the app store and could be a huge game changer for businesses of all sizes.

If you use an iPad for business but have to revert to a laptop or desktop to do ‘Office’ based work i.e.. spreadsheets, presentations etc then this will be very welcome news.

As mentioned its out today and its free but there is a catch to that. You can download it right now and get the ability to open Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents which is great if you are doing a presentation only or don’t need to edit.

If you want to use it just like you would in the office to write documents, create and edit spreadsheets or create presentations then you will need to subscribe to Office 365. Subscription rates vary so you’ll need to check which one is for you.

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