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Calling all women in business:  Lottery funded organisation to support businesswomen launches in Battle.

Working women said they wanted help and advice in building their business, starting a new career, managing team members or just building their self-confidence to take on new tasks and now there’s an organisation set up to do precisely that.

WayfinderWoman is a social enterprise funded by the local community, businesses and the National Lottery with the single aim of providing mutual support for women in business.


Following a successful launch of their website WayfinderWoman.com  and facebook page in January 2014 packed with free resources, they’ve built on the popular WayfinderWoman Clubs in Eastbourne and are now running them in Battle.

Open to any woman of working age, whether you run your own business or are employed, this National Lottery funded WayfinderWoman Club is an opportunity to get together to talk about issues you have in the workplace and gain valuable advice and support.

They have exclusive use of Mrs Burtons Restaurant to run this free, facilitated support group.  So for good conversation, great cakes and fantastic mutual help book your place on the WayfinderWoman Club on 28 October & 25 November 6.00-7.00pm

For more information email Laura Murphy on info@wayfinderwoman.com or phone 0796 957 2964