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Today is the day where we can promote National Work from Home Day and show the world that going to work doesn’t always have to be as stressful as you’d think. It is a day that shows the benefits of home working for individuals, businesses and the environment.

Work Wise UK celebrates its 10th annual Work Wise Week, which aims to improve work place productivity and raise awareness for the needs of both the employer and the employee.

The campaign was first launched in 2006 with the hope of making the UK one of the most progressive economies in the world. Introducing Smarter Working practices and increasing the UK’s ranking in the Developed Nations Productivity League would accomplish the mission and make working life better for those who feel it could be improved.

Smarter Working comes in a range of forms but the main key drivers that are responsible include the need to improve motivation, retaining experienced staff, supporting equal opportunities, improving productivity as well as a response to meeting recruitment difficulties.

Many employed people struggle to maintain a balance between both their work and personal commitments and so going for a day, or five, at the office can be difficult and, in turn, lower their productivity. Work Wise UK focus their attention on what makes work life a better experience and what plans can be implemented to benefit everyone.

The cultural, economic and social factors are changing the way the working world works and mobility and technology is replacing a tradition 9-5 working pattern. In this case, change is for the better because it gives employees a chance to not only have the confidence to learn new skills but also retain the skills they already have. Outdated practices are slowly becoming something of the past and businesses are increasing implementing a Smarter Working strategy.