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New figures have shown that the average price of diesel has reached a six year low and that prices  will continue to fall in the run up to Christmas.

According to RAC fuel watch data the price fell to £109.48p per litre on Monday, the lowest price its been since December 2009.

November also saw the petrol price drop with Asda’s 99.7p a litre over the Black Friday weekend. Morrisons also rewarded their customers who spent £40 in store with a 7p discount on fuel.

These new figures mean that the average cost of filling up a 55 litre family car with petrol has plunged  by £7.75 compared to a year ago, while a tank of diesel is £8.95 cheaper.

Lower prices have been attributed to crude oil tumbling to $40.40, its lowest level since February 2009.

How long this will last is anyone’s guess, however with the prices so low make the most of it while you can.

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Asda have announced on their website today that all of their 273 petrol station across the UK will be slashing the price of petrol to no more than 99.7p per litre over the 2015 Black Friday weekend. The last time petrol was under a pound per litre was way back in 2009 so if you want to fill up for less then you have a very limited time to do so.

Alongside petrol being reduced, diesel will be no more than 103.7 pence per litre as well.

The offer starts midday on the 27th November until the end of Sunday 29th November.


This week all our Supermarkets will continue their war on slashing the prices of petrol.motorway-at-night

This is great news for drivers with reports suggesting that it will eventually fall to under £1 a litre by the end of January.  The local Asda have confirmed that as from today, unleaded will be £105.7p and Diesel will be selling at £112.7p, this is the lowest that we have seen petrol prices in six years.

All the supermarkets will be following suit dropping 2p off their prices thanks to the further slide in oil with airlines also benefiting.