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A new recruitment service launches today that is aimed at providing flat fee recruitment to companies in the 1066 Hastings and Rother region.

1066 Shortlist, based in the Creative Media Centre in Hastings town centre provide cost effective recruitment solution designed to give local companies coverage across multiple premium job boards. Their partners include Jobsite, Monster, Reed, LinkedIn and many more. Their fixed price packages save thousands of pounds in recruitment costs compared to advertising directly through job boards or using recruitment agencies.


1066 Shortlist launches its flat fee recruitment service to business within the 1066 area.

What is flat fee recruitment?

Flat fee recruitment (also known as fixed fee recruitment) is the process in which a company charges an agreed price up front for a recruitment service. No extra charges are incurred, even if you hire more than one candidate from the campaign. 1066 Shortlist provide a number of services to suit your needs and budget.

With their advertising service 1066 Shortlist will optimise your adverts to maximise applications and then shortlist the most relevant candidates for you to interview.

They also have a  CV searching service which allows you to tap into millions of active job seekers, previously only available to recruitment agencies and large companies.

They can even provide a telephone screening service to better assess candidate’s suitability and provide you with key employment information on CV Cover Sheets. Further details of all the options are available here.


1066 Shortlist’s Flat fee recruitment service can get your job advert on all these sites and more.

Mike Sherwood, managing director of M-Connect and co-founder of 1066 Shortlist explains the reasons for launching;

“Being in the Creative Media Centre we have had many conversations with business owners and the problems they’ve been facing in finding the right staff in a reasonable time frame. We helped one business find the perfect candidate for a specialist role within a week. They had previously spent 3 months using every local advertising avenue without finding anyone suitable. They now use us for every role as it saves them time and money and lets them get on with running their business.”

This result quickly resulted in repeat business for 1066 Shortlist. Mike continues;

“The results were so positive and we saw how quickly it helped our client fill roles they had traditionally struggled with. We realised that other businesses in the area might want to have access to a similar service that saves money, time and hassle.

“We offer a chance to be seen on multiple premium job boards viewed by millions of active job hunters and utilise our recruitment expertise at a fraction of the usual cost. 1066 Shortlist was started so that we could help business in the area find the perfect shortlist of candidates for the roles they are recruiting for.”

For more details on the service they provide please visit their website here or alternatively call them on 01424 400090