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i-Rock a new service for 14 -25 year olds has been launched in Hastings this week (Monday 11 July).

The new service based at Rock House, Cambridge Road offers young people help and advice with issues including, emotional wellbeing, mental health, education, employment and housing.

“I really welcome this project which is a vital link to the many services which can help with the wellbeing of young people and I am pleased that the Clinical Commissioning Group recognises the priority” said Cllr Sue Beaney, Hastings Borough Council’s mental health champion.

She added: “As a psychotherapist practising locally I am increasingly receiving referrals for younger teens and am glad the age range has been reduced to 14. It is around this age that many young people begin to suffer from uncertainties and pressure and feel alone and unsupported.  i-Rock offers services that will help young people to make sense of an increasingly unstable world and hopefully prevent the development of more serious mental health conditions”.

The wellbeing of young people in Hastings and Rother is of key importance to the Hastings Youth Council. They have been involved with the consultation process for this new service and were pleased to attend the launch and to support this project.

The service is open three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am – 7pm on a drop-in basis.

As the economy races forward and your business expands, finding the right staff can be very time consuming and costly! There is now a local company called 1066 Shortlist that offers cost effective flat fee recruitment solutions to help you find suitable candidates for your business. 1066 Shortlist pair their recruitment expertise with access to major UK premium job boards & CV databases. They will then shortlist the best candidates for you – ready to interview and hire.

1066 Shortlist offers three key services in helping find you suitable candidates. These options are:

CV Shortlist Partner Sites

Get your role seen everywhere with 1066 Shortlist

Premium Advert – £195 + VAT – In this package your job advert will be posted on premium job boards such as Jobsite, Reed, Indeed, Job Rapido and Jobs Trovit. This gives your job exposure to millions of UK job hunters. They will also broadcast the job across popular social media sites ensuring they maximise your online coverage. Applications will then be reviewed by a trained consultant and the shortlist sent over to you.

Advert + CV Search – £395 + VAT –  As well as a premium job advert being posted they will search leading job board CV databases and find more suitable candidates matching your criteria. They have access to over 4 million passive candidates in the UK. 

Fully Managed – £595 + VAT – For this service they will take the CVs from the Advert and CV search and shortlist the most relevant candidates. To go that extra mile one of their trained consultants will then contact the shortlisted candidates by telephone to further assess their suitability. They can then arrange face to face interviews ready for you to meet and hire.

Their flat fee recruitment service means you can potentially save over 90% on your recruitment budget compared to using traditional recruitment agencies where charges can be upwards of 20% of  base salary. You pay per campaign, NOT per placement – you can hire as many candidates as you want from each job advert. There are no hidden extras, their pay as you go campaigns mean you only pay for the services you need.

Lily Cherry, Project Manager of 1066 Shortlist explains;

“In this day and age putting a job advert out in the local paper can become quite tedious. You may not receive the high response of applications you were hoping for due to the small amount of people that actually buy the local paper now. Here at 1066 Shortlist we are able to get our clients on the most popular online job boards filtering and managing the best CVs and candidates for you to interview”

So what do their clients say about 1066 Shortlist? John Brunton who owns ‘BR Web Consulting’ a web development company in Hastings adds;

‘I had always struggled to find suitable staff via the Job Centre, but was reluctant to use recruitment agencies due to the high fees they charge. 1066 Shortlist completely changed my perception of agencies and they managed to find me a fully qualified developer within only a week after I had unsuccessfully tried other methods for three months! I’ve since hired an additional SEO Executive, again using 1066 Shortlist. I would highly recommend them for all your recruitment needs.’ 

This service is great for filling any role as we utilise national job boards with a huge range of candidates. If you own a business or manage a team and you need help filling your vacancies, then 1066 Shortlist’s services might be just what you’re looking for.

Check out their website to find out more www.1066shortlist.co.uk or call them today on 01424 400090.



How many times do your keys mysteriously go missing whether you are managing properties, marina’s, holiday parks or car rentals?


Avoid losing keys with Key Handler

Innovative Software Company BioMedical Computing based at the Innovation Centre, St. Leonards on sea was asked to try and solve this age old problem by a local property company.

The team came up with Key Handler a really clever software solution which easily tracks keys being used by staff, subcontractors and anyone else registered on the system.

Replacing keys and locks or call outs from locksmiths can be fairly expensive and time wasting. The Key Handler system does away with all this extra hassle and expense and even has a bar code technology should you wish to scan the keys into the register.

Jacquie Trott Director of Property Rentals was really impressed when they introduced Key Handler into the company as they can access keys in an instant, reserve keys for contractors and she wishes this system had been available years ago.

Its a great idea from BioMedical for delivering such an innovative solution to solve a frustrating everyday problem. You can check out the website here.


The leader of Hastings Borough Council, Jeremy Burch has today put forward the key points and benefits as to why Hastings, Bexhill & Rye and the surrounding areas should be granted Assisted Area Status. Rother council leader Carl Maynard has also sent a letter out today requesting support.

We as a region have only until Friday 7th February 2014 to inform the government that we are all in favour of it. Assisted Area Status will give the town and region as a whole priority access to Government, EU grants and development funds, however, to get this it needs support and backing from local businesses and residents of the area.

Sunset Over Hastings - 100104 - 002

Assisted Area Status. Sign up today!

Read the key point below and if you are in favour then put the details of how to let the government know that your in favour for it is below the key points.

Key points:

  • The proposed area includes all but two wards Hastings, which is the 19th most deprived area in England. It also includes the most deprived neighbourhoods in Rother, including Sidley ward. Therefore Assisted Area Status has the potential to benefit target areas most in need of employment-generating investment.
  • The proposed area contains major sites with achievable development potential, including North-east Bexhill (off the Hastings-Bexhill Link Road currently under construction), off Queensway, Hastings and Bexhill’s existing industrial areas, and off Rye Harbour Road (Make sure you include Rye Harbour Road in your response to the consultation).
  • There are also a number of smaller potential development sites for business development.
  • There are genuine prospect of a total potential of over 5,000 jobs being created, with a high proportion in manufacturing, building on the strong existing base of manufacturing SME’s. This will help correct an imbalance in the local economy which has an over-reliance on public sector
  • employment.
  • There is a strong track record of recent employment-generating development by Sea Change Sussex and others, in Hastings Town Centre and off Queensway. New businesses locating in Hastings include Saga insurance services.
  • The area had Assisted area Status up to 2000, which contributed to investments by several businesses who are all still major employers. It is credited with creating today’s strong high-vacuum engineering cluster.


    Make your voice heard today.

  • Assited Area Status reinforces strong partnerships between the private sector, Borough, District and County Councils, Sea Change Sussex (the private-public partnership regeneration company) and the South East LEP. It supports the 6-point plan for regeneration agreed by the Hastings & Rother Economic Task Force which provides strategic leadership for regeneration and economic development.

As you can see it will be worth signing up for as anything that provides jobs and growth for the area is a good thing for everyone. Full details of the consultation can be found here.

You can inform the Assisted Areas Team that you are for it by letting the know via the following ways.

Email to: AssistedAreasConsultation@bis.gsi.gov.uk

Write to:

Assisted Areas Team
Local Growth Directorate
4th Floor, Spur 2
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
1 Victoria Street

There is also a form on the site, however the quickest way to lodge your views is via email and we highly recommend that you do it this way if your able to.

Business In Hastings has an exclusive report from Sarah Owen, Labour candidate for MP in Hastings & Rye regarding her recent trip to China to exchange ideas and promote the local Vacuum Technology and other high tech manufacturing industries that the Hastings & Rother area becoming world famous for. Here in her own words is an overview of the trip.

We also have a small gallery of images from here trip which you can go to here.

Hastings: The South East manufacturing hub.


Sarah arriving at Songshun Lake high tech park

When I talk to people outside of Hastings they normally say to me; ‘Oh, arrow in the eye, tapestry, invasion by Normans.’ They’re far less likely to know about building components for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, high-powered lasers or high vacuum technology. Still less likely are people to mention that Hastings is the high tech hub of South-East England.

Hastings, which is my home town is the birth place of innovations including the first television broadcast to teaching Turing, but Hastings doesn’t just deserve that recognition, our future as a town depends on it. It isn’t enough to just be a high-tech hub, Hastings needs to be known as a high-tech hub.

Global influence

The investment that our businesses need to grow, thrive, and create the well-paid, high skilled jobs that our town needs, depend on our town’s reputation. However, in today’s world, our competitors, clients, and supply chains are not just limited to the UK, they’re global.

They’re in cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen in southern China, where I visited earlier this month.

These two cities, both in the province of Guangdong, are China’s high tech pioneers. Guangdong’s open, outward-looking economic policies stand greatly at odds with the lagging social and political development in the rest of China – the world’s second largest economy whilst still being a developing nation. However, there is still plenty that we could learn, gain and offer this industrial powerhouse – with particular regard to high tech manufacturing.

Growth & Investment

Since the late 80s, Guangdong area has seen phenomenal growth, seeing only a brief dip in GDP growth during the global recession to a still enviable 7.2% – putting the UK’s forecast (and overdue) 2.2% in the shade. As a province, it has consistently led China’s growth over the past 30 years and is predicted to grow at above 8% and contribute another $900 billion to China’s economy.

None of this happened by accident. It took a deliberate, conscious decision by the Chinese government to turn fields of crops and low grade industry into science parks, technology hubs and business clusters. It was only possible with investment from business, the state, academia and by attracting support from overseas.

One example is the Guangzhou Science City, which is home to almost every kind of science and high tech industry you can think of including high vacuum, bio-tech, IT and renewable technology to name just a few. From its inception, the science city hasn’t stood still and constantly looks to support and welcome the next big technological innovation.

Support and R&D

This is heavily supported by the state through the Guangzhou Development District. On my trip, I met the Director of the committee responsible for it, who explained not only how much they had financially supported businesses in the science city, with reduced rents and the highest grade facilities but also practical business support and R&D. There is now 24/7 support for new businesses – his phone was never switched off.

We need to ask ourselves what we can learn from how they encourage growth.  This is most evident when attracting foreign investment, where applications for foreign direct investment are completed by the authorities within 3 working days. Without this commitment, and the continued support of the local development departments, thriving companies like Rio Bio would not have been able to expand as quickly as they had.

Maintaining our position on the global stage

Next to the continued austerity and slow growth we’re faced with here, Guangdong’s example is enviable. When I told both the Chinese businesses and development committee that our own local council will face a 70% reduction in funding from central government by 2017, they asked how on earth we expected to support growth in Hastings? And that is, quite literally the million dollar question.

Whether this support is replicated in the UK by our calls for a dedicated British Investment Bank to support SMEs, a cut in business rates or freezing energy bills which will have a direct impact on particularly manufacturing business’s sky rocketing overheads – it is clear that Government must act now to provide practical support to our local industries if we not only want to maintain our position, but to continue being the birth place of innovation.

Hastings: Time to show the world we’re open for business


Sarah at the first Tec 66 event in summer with Maggie Aderin Pocock, Lord Bassam and Council leader Jeremy Birch and business leaders.

Hastings is home to established names with world-class reputations, General Dynamics, Torr Scientific and Photek among them. But we need some of the reputation of those brands and our excellent experienced service industry, to not only be located in our town, but associated with it as well.

Businesses in Guangdong are crying out for the quality that Hastings’ businesses can offer, as much as we are for high quality jobs. But Hastings’ reputation for high-tech manufacturing and services is barely known elsewhere in Britain, let alone on the other side of the world, in China.

Tec 66: Why its important

This is why events such as Tecc 66 are so important. We need to be prepared to shout about what we are good at, and sell to a global market, which is what I did at every opportunity that I was visiting businesses in China. Nothing less will do in today’s globalised world.

That is why I am working to bring more international exhibitors to the next Tec 66 event and other similar events for our creative industries. That will help build on existing trade links, support our businesses to join major international supply chains, create jobs and ultimately ensure that Hastings has an economic identity that is known worldwide.

To get in touch with Sarah or to follow her via Twitter please see below

Email: Sarah@sarahowen.org.uk

Twitter: @sarahowen_

You can also find out more about Sarah at her website here.

According to East Sussex In Figures (ESIF) Both Hastings and Rother have the lowest number of households who have an internet connection  in the county.


Hastings and Rother need to get more households connected to the web to keep up with neighbouring towns and areas.

In 2013 Rother has 28,009 households who have a connection out of a total of 41,853 total households which is a take up of 66.9%.

Hastings is doing slightly better with 28,111 out of 41,768 households which works out at 67.3% take up so far.

When comparing this to the county average of 72% its clear to see that there is still a way to go until the town and Rother region catch up with the rest of the county. The GB average is 77.6%.

However, given the speed of which the high speed broadband roll-out is happening in the area, traditional broadband connections should get cheaper and with fibre cables the quality will be better with speeds of up to 60mb/s already available in the area through well know suppliers this we hope to see change quite rapidly.

To see the full table and comparisons please go to ESIF’s page here.

There will be a Business Funding Exhibition and seminar at the 3rd December. See the flyer below for details about this great event.

planning growth flyer final reminder-page-001









The Directors at McPhersons Chartered Accountants are pleased to keep Business in Hastings members up to date with regular, useful financial information. In this months edition, their Financial Services business partner, Daron Beacroft, talks about Auto-Enrolment.


Auto-Enrolment. What you need to know

As you will be aware, all employers will have to provide workers with a workplace pension scheme by law over the next few years. This is called ‘automatic enrolment’.


This depends on how many people you employ and is called your staging date. You can check your staging date by visiting the Pensions Regulator website.


If you already have a company pension scheme, we can review this for free to see if it meets the requirements.


All workers who:

  • Are aged between 22 and the State Pension age
  • Earn at least £9,440 a year
  • Work in the UK


Besides avoiding the last minute rush and motivating employees the costs were lower than expected. For example, one of Mcperson’s clients with 25 employees was surprised to learn that enrolling would only cost an additional £250 per month.

McPhersons have again separated themselves from the traditional accountant by becoming one of only 2% of accounting firms who have developed their very own app. So what made them decide to launch their app this week?


Mcphersons new app menu screen. Get it on your Android or Apple device today.

Says Mark Finch, Director at McPhersons “The way we all communicate has changed and will continue to change. With most of our clients using tablets and smartphones, this App is perfectly designed to enable us to reach them. With an estimated 830 million enterprise smartphone and tablet App users, it’s a channel that accountants and financial service companies can embrace to stand out from the crowd.”

There are thousands of apps out there, what makes this one so good?

  •        It gives you access to a wealth of useful financial information, wherever you are;
  •        There are some extremely clever tools e.g. a Mileage Tracker so you never have to record your business miles manually                  again;
  •        You can find out all the latest tax information, thresholds etc. and these will always be kept up to date
  •        You have access to various calculators e.g. VAT, Loans, Mortgage, Savings and more…

And best of all, it’s FREE!

You certainly can’t accuse McPhersons of being stuck in the past. They might be 57 years old but their forward-looking vision places them in a strong position when helping their clients plan for the future.

How to get the app:

Android/ Samsung

Either go to the Play Store on your device, search for mcphersons accountants and download or go online and download from Google Store

Apple Devices

Either go to the  App Store on your device, search for mcphersons accountants and download or go online and download from iTunes Store

Review the app!

Once you have the app, click on ‘App Review’ and give them a rating!

Bespoke Training Eastbourne are holding a free business planning and growth session at Let’s Do Business Summerfields offices. Here are the details if you are planning on going.

  • Date: Thursday, 5th December 2013
  • Time: 10am till 1pm
  • Venue: Let’s Do Business Hastings, Summerfields Business Centre, Bohemia Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1UT
  • Investment: FREE (normal ticket price £299 + VAT)

If you’re looking at growing your business then this free business planning seminar will be a great one to go to. We have been informed that places are limited so if you are looking to go then don’t delay. If you require more information then feel free to call

The outline of the course is here as a downloadable PDF: Event_Summary Leaflet_A5.

Here’s the promotional flyer for it.