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Plans to restore Bottle Alley have been given the go ahead.bottle alley

Over 500 people signed a petition for Hastings famous Bottle Alley to be restored to its former glory.  This is brilliant news for Hastings and its residents.  With the pier currently being rebuilt this could really put Hastings back on the map and bring in plenty of tourists which again is fantastic news for local people.

Bottle Alley was built in the early thirties, because the Hastings tramways were ripped up to make way for a new two tiered promenade.

Sidney Little was the man who rebuilt the whole of the seafront wanting to bring the town up to date.  The Walls of Bottle Alley are flecked with broken glass that form mosaics.  The glass was taken from the local tip before being broken up and set into the pre-made concrete panels.

Bottle Alley is not only unique to Hastings but it is the only one of its kind in Britain and has been featured in the 2008 Michael Caine film ‘Is anybody there’.  Click here to see the link