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On Friday 20th March Britain will experience a partial Solar Eclipse. The last solar eclipse of such significance took place in August 1999, when a total eclipse occurred in some parts of the UK.

Solar Eclipse

The proportion of the Sun covered by the moon will increase the further north you are so in Hastings it will be around 82% coverage.The specatacle begins around 8.30am in Britain when the moon will start to slowly pass across the  sun casting darkness across parts of the Earth’s surface this will continue over the course of an hour with the zenith peaking at 9.30am.

In most parts of the country Friday’s solar eclipse is expected to be a dramatic event with most of the country plunged into twilight during the morning rush-hour and the temperature will also drop noticeably. It goes without saying that you should not look directly at the eclipse without specialist eyewear (sunglasses won’t do).

It will be hard to miss it, however if you do, the next solar eclipse of similar magnitude to Friday’s event will take place on August 12, 2026, with up to 95 per cent obscured.

If you want to know when the next full solar eclipse in the UK is you will have a while to wait as this is not going to happen until September 23, 2090.