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Year 9 students at St Leonards Academy have been given a helping hand with having to decide what GCSE’s to take next year.  Designer “K” Avery-Stallion of St Leonards Accessories paid a visit to the school to give a careers presentation to the year 9 students.

“K” talked to the students about her route into setting up her own business after years of designing for fashion retailers.

The Academy’s Head of Art and Design Debbie Holroyd  and “K” decided to get their heads together and created a 1 day workshop for a select group of students so the group could learn how to design a bag.  This was started by defining a “target audience/core customer” followed by sketching and concept drawing and developing ideas in paper and card

By the afternoon the students started to construct their own designs in card and their 3D mosquettes came to life.

It was an exciting, challenging and inspiring day for everyone and just proved how relevant supporting the arts and design courses is to the future of British and European fashion manufacturing. Maths and calculation was part of their pattern making and construction of their patterns as well as a wealth of creative ideas and out of a class of 17 students, at least 6 showed considerable flair and aptitude for further education and development in Art and Design in the future. One of them might end up designing bags for you in 10 years time!

If you’d like “K” to come and share her design knowledge with any other groups in the new year, please do get in touch via stleonardsonline.com  and if you’re an adult interested in learning a new skill then why not come to the home studio and book a 1 Day Workshop  and learn how to make a leather bag, wallet or purse!


St Leonards accessories is taking part in the annual arts festival Coastal Currents which starts next week.

St Leonards is throwing open the doors to its home studio and showing people how a British made handbag studio works along with spreading the word about its one day leather crafting workshops and give you the chance to buy samples / order new Autumn product as preferential rates!

If you didn’t know, St Leonards is a British made business based here and has sold its products in London, Japan, Germany, Sweden and South Africa. It prides itself on stylish understated design using the best materials.

The open studio event is taking place on Sat 5th and Sun 6th Sept from 11am until 6pm.

At the same venue Tim Stallion will be hosting The Transient Gallery showing contemporary photographer’s work by Almas Haser, Nick Ballon and Julian Anderson – all internationally sold artists.