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Nissan are currently running a Workplace Presentation Programme for the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

Last week they visited the Innovation Centre to give staff the opportunity to learn about and experience electric driving.nissan 1

The Market for plug in vehicles has quadrupled in 12 months but many people have lots of questions about electric driving.

The Workplace Presentation Programme has proved successful as it allows staff to learn about the vehicle in a convenient, familiar and no pressure environment.

Any member of staff that wishes to look at the LEAF further would also qualify for preferential purchase terms from St Leonards Motors Nissan.

St Leonards Motors Nissan gave a short presentation and Q & A at the Innovation Centre in Hastings and received great feedback.

It gave staff the opportunity to understand how you can charge at home with a Government subsidised wall box charger.

They looked at whether the real world 100 mile range exceeded their daily usage requirements.  Explored the money saved by giving up petrol or diesel, the national public rapid charge network which charges LEAF in 30 minutes and the 5 year warranty on the battery, and they also heard feedback from existing drivers.

Employees also enjoyed test drives to experience how quiet, smooth, and responsive driving electric can be from the Innovation Centre car park.