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East Sussex STEMfest will be a vibrant celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). A series of fascinating interactive activities, demonstrations, workshops and shows will be taking place in schools and colleges in East Sussex during May 2016, with the aim of inspiring the next generation to build careers in and with STEM.


Working in the laboratory

The festival will culminate in a Big Bang @ event – part of a nationwide programme that is a unique opportunity to experience hands-on activities, discuss ideas, get advice and be inspired.

Why is East Sussex STEMfest needed?

The Skills East Sussex Group recommend a plan of action to support employers in East Sussex to better understand how investing in career development of young people helps them to fulfill their CSR responsibilities and meet their STEM skills needs. East Sussex STEMfest will showcase engineering and related careers to students, and inspire young people to consider STEM career paths.

Programme Information

  • East Sussex STEMfest includes:
    Teacher / employer networking evening.
    Site visits to local employers.
    Workshops, seminars and shows delivered in schools.
    STEM Ambassador careers events in schools.
    Big Bang @ The Hastings Centre 11th May 2016

For detailed information on any of the events, please email: EastSussexSTEMfest@brighton.ac.uk or see the website here.

Want to get involved?

  • There are lots of opportunities for employers to get involved. Could you:
    Offer a tour of your premises?
    Bring an activity to the Big Bang?
    Deliver a talk or activity in a local secondary school?

The Tomorrow’s Engineers employer support programme can advise you on your outreach strategy and ways to engage with schools.
For detailed information on any of the events, please email: EastSussexSTEMfest@brighton.ac.uk or see the website here.

A new limit for contactless card payments has increased to £30 making it easier for UK customers to pay for items.

The number of people using contactless cards in the UK has risen because not having to enter a pin number or provide a signature makes payment easy.

The initial limit was £20 however the technology giant Apple has also allowed its customers to use Apple Pay on their devices, which is another factor of the increased limit.

Despite certain hesitation from the consumer group Which?, who warned that data could be easily stolen by determined fraudsters, transactions for the first half of this year was £2.5 billion. This figure is higher than the previous year, which was £2.32 billion spend in total.

Both contactless payments and Apple Pay have proven to be secure, with Apple Pay using touch ID on the iPhone 6 and a passcode on the Apple Watch.

Weekly supermarket shops are now easier for customers as the average £25 shop will be covered, the UK Cards Association said.

E-learning, the use of electronic technology to provide training and education, is becoming increasingly prevalent as a method of delivering both personal and work-based learning.

The prevalence of laptops, tablets and smartphones has made it possible for people to access learning when and where it is convenient to them – on the train or bus to work, in the office or, in Hastings, even on the cherrystone elearningbeach!

Berry Winter, Managing Director of local e-learning provider Cherrystone Ltd said: “People are starting to find that a few minutes of ‘bite-size’ learning, at a time and location which is convenient to them, can be just as beneficial as a full day’s training course.”

Many large organisations, ranging from local authorities to multi-national organisations, are now using e-learning as part of a ‘blended learning’ approach, combining online learning with traditional face to face methods. This blended approach saves money and time through utilising technology, while retaining the benefits of face-to-face contact through shorter and sharper workshops and courses.

E-learning can be easy, engaging and exciting and is a new way of learning that many can appreciate. If you are looking to learn new skills or want insight and ideas on how to handle on workplace based situations then this could be the easiest way to learn these things.

Technology companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google have been told they need to stop extreme tax planning, according to the man charged with reforming global tax rules who told the BBC.

New standards would require businesses to pay even more tax in the countries where they have sold goods or created revenues, said Pascal Saint-Amans who runs the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy. Companies should not use tax havens to shelter their profits, he said.

Mr Saint-Amans’ involvement is because of years of complicated negotiations and endless summits on reforming the issue of where large, multi-national companies pay their taxes. There should be an international agreement on possible upcoming tax laws ready for the G20 summit of global leaders in November, he revealed.

Before 2020, the implementation phase should mean that the rules are in place. According to Mr Saint-Amans, this will also mean that technology companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google have to pay more tax to the UK Treasury. In addition to this, they will also be required to pay more tax in a number of other countries and publish, country-by-country, how much they pay.

The UK has already agreed to new rules on the taxation of multi-nationals and the government predicts that companies that operate in the UK but paying tax in other jurisdictions, such as Google, will be obliged to pay hundreds of millions of pounds more in tax in Britain.

The technology companies that have been found by tax campaigners say that they continue to follow all of the rules laid down by governments and that it is for the governments to decide how they tax businesses, therefore they have not broken tax rules.

McPhersons have again separated themselves from the traditional accountant by becoming one of only 2% of accounting firms who have developed their very own app. So what made them decide to launch their app this week?


Mcphersons new app menu screen. Get it on your Android or Apple device today.

Says Mark Finch, Director at McPhersons “The way we all communicate has changed and will continue to change. With most of our clients using tablets and smartphones, this App is perfectly designed to enable us to reach them. With an estimated 830 million enterprise smartphone and tablet App users, it’s a channel that accountants and financial service companies can embrace to stand out from the crowd.”

There are thousands of apps out there, what makes this one so good?

  •        It gives you access to a wealth of useful financial information, wherever you are;
  •        There are some extremely clever tools e.g. a Mileage Tracker so you never have to record your business miles manually                  again;
  •        You can find out all the latest tax information, thresholds etc. and these will always be kept up to date
  •        You have access to various calculators e.g. VAT, Loans, Mortgage, Savings and more…

And best of all, it’s FREE!

You certainly can’t accuse McPhersons of being stuck in the past. They might be 57 years old but their forward-looking vision places them in a strong position when helping their clients plan for the future.

How to get the app:

Android/ Samsung

Either go to the Play Store on your device, search for mcphersons accountants and download or go online and download from Google Store

Apple Devices

Either go to the  App Store on your device, search for mcphersons accountants and download or go online and download from iTunes Store

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