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Hales Water Turbines Ltd have a new Water Flow test and demonstration tank for generating tidal based electricity is built and fitted out in Hastings, East Sussex.  They are currently in the process of commissioning its operation and fitting the test equipment and are hoping for it to be up and running Jan/Feb 2014. The facility is at their Ivy House Lane premises in Hastings.


The new tidal flow test facility in Hastings will be open for testing and is attracting interest from all over the world.

Some units of their Venturi Duct Micro- sized Hales Turbines are also being built and they intend to have a unit installed within the test tank for demonstrations and also further development and improvements.

Their small prototype lift crane can take 250 Kg items and the test area is 1.5m wide and 1.2m deep, once they have commissioned it  they will have a set of flow rates.

Hales Energy intend to make the Test facility available to any primary tidal stream developers  that needs to get some early reading to their design without the red tape involved with most site locations or the  huge cost of the limited Tow Tank facilities elsewhere in the country.

People around the world are slowly starting to understand the potential of low velocity tidal stream flows, much of the interest seems to be coming from the Asia and Pacific regions and its great to see a local business attracting business attracting global interest.