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Thomson and First Choice travel brands will be phased out in Tui revamp of its business. These two UK brands were set up by Canadian media baron Roy Thomson, and will be the last brands to go because of their size.

Tui plans to sell its holidays under a single brand, which follows the merger of the UK business with its German parent. This will take a total of up to three years to complete. These two brands together have more than five million customers, with the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Greece the most popular destinations.

Across Europe, Tui has 30 million customers, more than 300 hotels, 136 plans and 1,800 shops. The Thomson name dates back to 1965, showing a long-established brand. The firm would begin phasing out other European regional brands in the Netherlands and France first, said its joint chief executive, Peter Long.

This move was announced along with Tui’s results, showing its half-year losses narrowed to 272.6 million euros, which is £195.5 million, from 341.4 million euros before.

During the less-busy winter period, Tui makes a loss just like other travel businesses. However, bookings for the summer season continue to pick up nicely with long-haul destinations doing better, the company said.

Jamaica is quite popular this year with bookings up 22% on the year before, and Mexico is becoming more attractive to visitors, up 37% over the same period.