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Hastings is a major hub for Ultra High Vacuum manufacturers as highlighted by the annual Tec 66 Conference and Exhibition so it comes as no surprise that the The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) have asked us to let manufacturers in the sector that they are looking for suppliers to tender for Small aperture UHV vacuum chambers for their electron storage ring.

Here’s the timeline and procedures from the tender document for bidding and delivery for the successful bidders.ESRF-LogoBaseline-RGB

  • Pre-Qualification Exercise scheduled for dispatch: February 2015
  • Call For Tender scheduled for dispatch: June 2015
  • Contract date: December 2015
  • Delivery: Mid 2018

Here’s some more details (from the tender document) regarding what they are looking for.

The ESRF will procure more than 450 vacuum chambers of various types: Chambers machined from stainless steel solid material and welded as well as chambers produced from cold formed stainless steel sheets and special chambers involving ceramics and copper and aluminium alloys. All of the chambers will be subject to tight dimension tolerances and demanding ultra high vacuum specifications in terms of leak tightness and residual gas spectrum. Mechanical measurements and full vacuum qualification with bake-out will be requested.

All participants in the pre-qualification exercise will be invited to answer a questionnaire to allow the ESRF to shortlist the companies who will be involved in the formal Calls for Tender. Following the pre-qualification exercise, the ESRF expects to issue between four and eight tenders.

If you manufacture these and would like the opportunity to tender for it then click on the link to view the ESRF Tender.

Good luck to al those that tender and if you are a local manufacturer that wins the business then we’d like to hear from you.