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Nominet, the UK authority that deals with domain registration (for anything that ends in .uk) is launching the new .uk domain prefix that is aimed at making UK sites a bit shorter and snappier to get to and will bring us in to line with other countries such as France (.fr) and Germany (.de)


Get your .uk domain from the 10th June

If you have a .co.uk, .org.uk, .gov.uk or similar web address you will be able to pre-order now, however, don’t fret as you have up to the 10th June 2019 to register the .uk domain if you already have the .co.uk one. Basically if you have a .co.uk address you don’t have to do anything yet unless you want your .uk domain as soon as possible.

If someone else has the .co.uk and you have for example a .org.uk and you both owned it before the cut off date then the person who has the .co.uk address will have the rights to the .uk domain version as this is regarded as a higher value domain.

For new registrants of .co.uk domains, the official time when they will be available is 8am on the 10th June 2014 and according to 123reg, the UK’s largest domain registrar, each .uk domain will cost around £12. If you use a different provider please check with them as prices will possibly vary from provider to provider.

You can find out more by visiting Nominet’s new sub site that’s dedicated to the .uk domain launch here.