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Veesus Ltd is a small cutting edge Hastings based technology company, which specialises in the visualisation, manipulation and exploitation of 3D data types including the point cloud data that is obtained from Light Intensity Direction and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors.


Arena 4D in action

The implementation and use of LIDAR started off very slowly, mainly being used in specialist areas that could see the benefit of it’s use, however, there were many limitations to it’s acceptability to the wider community.

Most of these limitations have now been overcome, by the introduction of lost cost and high specification laser scanners. But with LIDAR being a large complex data type and with PointClouds becoming larger, the software and computing equipment required to cope with the demand, has historically, always been a problem.

Veesus’s innovative Arena4D software has breached this problem, by allowing expert and novice users to forget that the data they are viewing, is difficult and complicated, computationally, to manipulate and allowed them to focus on the benefit of the data that they have, no matter how large the PointCloud.

Further advances have provided the ability to enhance the users visual experience and making the PointCloud more real by using dynamic lighting and solidification algorithms, thus unlocking things that were not previously obvious/visible and all this without moving away from the original PointCloud. Adding multiple layers of other types of data, such as maps, live GPS tracks, 3D models, CAD, audio, imagery, live video, annotation etc, can then also be added to the view, providing real context of your data in a 3D world. Time has also been added to provide the 4D aspect to every data type.

Advanced hardware together with cutting edge software are key to PointCloud evolution and acceptance to the wider community.

For a more information please visit their website here.