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A new website aimed at promoting and raising awareness of the UK creative industry has been launched earlier this month to provide a portal for the creative industries across the UK and to provide a platform to promote and showcase the UK’ industry that is growing rapidly.


The UK Creative Industry Website

The new website (www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk), developed by industry and Government are seeking to co-ordinate a unified approach towards finance, education and skills, exports and inward investment, intellectual property and digital infrastructure.

The site has been designed to provide a centralised digital hub linking the industry, UKTI and the FCO as they focus on promoting the sector and driving growth and investment in 200 countries worldwide.

If you are in the creative industries its well worth taking a minute or two to have a look around as there is also details and statistics regarding the UK industry as a whole and its also a good place to go for details on any funding initiatives that are happening in the UK creative industry.


Industry-leading publishers BSI Media who are based in Hastings have officially launched ExpatBriefing.com which is another addition to its portfolio of global sites including lowtax.net.


Thinking of working or moving overseas? Expatbriefing.com is the new resource for expatriates.

The site is highly user-orientated with content provided by an experienced editorial team along with contributions from expatriates around the world who are living the expatriate lifestyle and are keen to share their experiences with those that are considering becoming an expatriate be it for work or for other reasons such as retirement. ExpatBriefing.com is the go-to-point for any expatriate, providing useful information for the fully-fledged and potential emigrant.

ExpatBriefing.com understands the social difficulties that the inexperienced expatriate can face when moving to a new country and provides information on expat social events in each area. The forum offers a chance for on-the-ground experiences to be shared between expatriates, from reviews of the best places to eat down to local exercise classes.

The site provides the user with authoritative, relevant and up-to-date information covering a wide range of topics, from moving, to international lifestyles, to repatriation – and everything in between, this is also alongside reliable tax and investment guides.

Among a growing library of tools, ExpatBriefing.com offers search tools to find utilities companies, hospitals, schools, real estate and jobs across the world.

The site also has a big emphasis on social interaction and providing an on-line community with forums featuring user contributions, which is about sharing knowledge and forming friendships. 

BSI Media publishes some of the most respected internet publications in the fields of business, tax, law and investment. They have been publishing quality content since the company was formed in 1992. BSI became part of CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business in September 2012. As a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Ltd, CCH offers market-leading solutions to tax and accounting professionals in corporations around the world, facilitating accuracy, productivity and profits.